Best Reptile Heating Pad (Reviewed + Best Deals From Amazon)

If you own a reptile pet, such as bearded dragon, crested gecko, leopard gecko or other nocturnal animals like turtles, snakes or lizards, you’ll need an electricity-run heating pad.

The device will help you maintain the right temperature for your pet’s habitat, which ensures to an as natural environment as possible.

When it comes to choosing reptile heating pads, there are many products out there. So how can you choose a good one. The answer is laid down here. We break down as many factors to help you make the decision.

Finding the best reptile heating pads

MOTINA Reptile Heating Pad- Has a remote controller- Quick adhesive, can't stick to the tank's side- Ideal to put under your pet terrariumBuy It On
Fluker's Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals- Easy to implement
- Light-weight, compact size
- No thermostat included
- Get heated up very quickly
- It's safe and suitable for undertank heating
- Best for bearded dragons and desert-type reptiles
Buy It On
Aiicioo Heat Mat- Reliable working
- Suitable for all type of domestic pets
- Low heat ouput, may take a while to warm up- Best for gecko pet ownersBuy It On
Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mat- Wide range of sizes to choose- Don't stick well on the tank's side- Best for gecko pet ownersBuy It On

Firstly, things to know when buying reptile heating pads?

What is a reptile heating pad?

The pad does a simple work: keep your pet warm during certain circumstances, such as winter or at night. But for reptile, they really need this as they are cold-blooded animals. If you own a reptile pet of any kind, a heating mat is the first thing on your shopping list.

How do reptile heating pads work?

Most heating pads use electricity to generate and emit heat to the environment. Sounds like an iron right? But it’s as hot as that. Don’t worry!

Some products basically turn up the heat, while other ones let you control the exact temperature digitally.

Which type of reptile pet need heating pads?

Any reptile, including bearded dragon, crest gecko, leopard gecko, chameleon, water dragon and other smaller lizards. Even snake, turtle, and spider can benefit from reptile heating mats.

What factors to consider to buy a reptile heating pads?

Firstly, power consumption. As you will be running this device for hours, days after days. So you’ll need to choose a heating mat with high energy efficiency to save your monthly electricity bills.

Secondly, the pad should be easy to clean and fold for storage. This factor is so obvious.

Lastly, it can run automatically, or you can control it remotely. Because you’ll put the heating pad under your pet’s tank. The more convenience, the better!

How to install a heating mat?

You can mount it behind or under the vivarium, better under a thick layer of a substrate to keep the heat distributed equally over the surface.

Now you have some good ideas about choosing a good reptile heating mat. Let’s dive in.

Best reptile heating pads review

MOTINA Reptile Heating Pad

MOTINA Reptile Heating Pad

Available at: 11.02 x 5.90 Inch – 7 watts

The temperature generated from this reptile heating pad can be controlled digitally, ranging from 0 to 35 Celius degrees. You can monitor it using an included thermostat.

The mat is also easy to clean and runs on low energy consumption, which matches our criteria for such a product. It’s waterproof so that you can watch the heating mat gently with water.

Another good thing is that MOTINA Reptile Heating Pad uses 110V US standard voltage. All you need to do is just plug and use!

Pro: A temperature control switch to help you monitor and adjust the mat.
Con: The heating pad cannot stick to the tank’s side. You should use additional adhesive to do the job.
Bottom line: This reptile heating pad is ideal to put under your pet terrarium. Automatic heating up & save electricity bills with low-energy running.

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Fluker’s Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals

Fluker's Heat Mat for Reptiles and Small Animals

Available at: 17 x 11 Inch – 20 watts

Durability, ease of use and safety is what makes this Fluker’s reptile heating mat an excellent choice in this list. Unlike the previous product, you should cover a thin layer of the substrate, due to its relatively low heat output. It’s also ideal to put the Fluker’s Heat Mat on the side.

Don’t forget to have proper ventilation installment to prevent heat buildup. This can prevent fire hazard near your pet enclosure. An other thing to note about this product is that it comes with no thermostat. So it’s pretty hard to maintain the desired temperature.

Pro: The mat still has no adhesive, but it’s easy to implement, thanks to its lightweight and compact size.
Con: There is no thermostat included. The mat is getting heated up very quickly, so it may cause the fire.
Bottom line: It’s best to keep this heating pad running under the tank, with safe, efficient & durable confidence.

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Aiicioo Heat Mat

Aiicioo Heat Mat

Available at: 5 – 7 – 14 – 20 watts

Does it sound familiar? Aiicioo sounds like a spell in Harry Potter! This product is very easy to use, you simply use a controller plug and set comfort temperature for your reptile pet. It’s also water-proof. So this is the only product in this list you can put into the tank, without fear of moisture.

This means if you own a tropical-type reptile, such as crested gecko or leopard gecko, you will enjoy this feature. Those types of animals require high moisture environment to thrive. Your geckos are gonna like it, also!

Just one thing to note, because it’s waterproof, doesn’t mean that you can immerse the mat in liquid or water. It runs on electricity, so this is a must-not.

Pro: The mat is reliable with many sizes to fit any pets, even dogs & cats.
Con: It takes a long time for the pad to get warm.
Bottom line: The product is like a general heat mat for all type of pets. Of course, you little reptile buddy can also benefit from it.

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Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mat

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Mat

Available at: 8-Watt, 6 by 8-Inch, 16-Watt, 8 by 12-Inch, 24-Watt, 8 by 18-Inch

We think this is the only heat pad that can be suitable for both desert and tropical reptiles. Thanks to carbon fiber, which is the material that makes up the mat, heat can be distributed without identical hot spots. So you little buddy won’t feel too hot or too cold sitting on the pad.

Moreover, it can run on an energy-efficient mode without wires. So guess what, you can put it on any surface without pinch or break. The manufacturer recommends mounting the heat mat underneath or on the side of the reptile terrarium. But the choice is yours; you can put it anywhere feel needed.

Pro: There are 3 sizes & power to choose from, suitable for even tropical reptiles like geckos.
Con: Though recommended to put on the side, the heating pad doesn’t stick to a tank well, due to the weak adhesive.
Bottom line: This is a very good product to maintain desired temperature for all types of reptile, including geckos, which not many heating mats can do.

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Conclusion – what is the best reptile heating mat?

We hope that our analysis helps you make a wise choice. Here is the table to sum up all the information you need to buy a reptile heating pad.


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