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What Is The Best Diet For a Leopard Gecko?

Leopard gecko are becoming popular pets. These reptiles were rediscovered in 1994. Before that year, Leopard geckos were considered extinct.

Nowadays, they are protected by law so no specimen can leave New Caledonia. Breeders around the world keep the population growing. Many people choose Leopard geckos due to their friendly look.

Companies are developing more products for this little companions. Each brand claims they offer the best combination of ingredients. Leopard gecko food is a commonly researched topic. It is difficult to choose the best type of food, let alone the best brand.

Dietary Needs

Leopard geckos were discovered in New Caledonia. An island located at the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. In this island, Leopard geckos feed themselves with small insects.

In captivity, it is almost impossible to replicate the feeding conditions. There are many factors to consider. The soil, natural light and other environmental conditions influence the feeding. There could be an undiscovered insect that Leopard geckos consume in their natural habitat. Many factors about the diet remain unknown.

Specialist recommend a diet based on insects. These little reptiles also need protein that could come from insects. Leopard gecko food brands have developed supplements that emulate the regular diet.

Leopard geckos have a different metabolism. They only need to eat every third day. Unlike other pets that need to be fed daily and sometimes more than once. Overfeeding a Leopard gecko could be extremely dangerous for its health.

Ready To Serve

Leopard Gecko Feed

These pre-packed leopard gecko food supplements are ready to serve. Insects are the main ingredient. Depending on the brand and flavor it could include little insects. The ready-to-serve food does not require any extra preparation.

Could be considered as balanced. The texture is rich so the Leopard gecko enjoys eating it. Some brands put milk and rice into their supplements. The debate about dairy products on Leopard gecko food is heated. Some consider this is not good for reptiles. Others argue that in the right amount, it could be good.

Pre-packed Leopard gecko food comes in the right size. The proportions are enough for the reptile to be well fed. It includes vitamin E and and C, necessary for the well development of the Leopard gecko in captivity.

Some advantages of ready-to-serve Leopard gecko food:

  • The supplements include all the substances a Leopard gecko needs to grow properly.
  • These products are praised by hobbyist and veterinarians.
  • Easy to prepare and serve.
  • Easy to purchase.

The downside is that a diet based only in supplements could not be enough for a leopard gecko. It would need complementary supplements.

Powdered Supplements

Owners should mix the powder with water before they serve it. Some use milk or sugar free yoghurt instead of water. It will depend on every owner. These supplements include every ingredient that any good diet should have. Powder mixes are made with insects. They include the right amount of proteins and vitamins.

These mixes are preferred for most owners. They considered the mixes as balanced and good for the health. However, the portions could be a problem. Feeding a Leopard gecko could be a challenge. Their metabolism is different. Leopard geckos kept in captivity are more vulnerable to disease caused by the food.

Giving the wrong type of food to a Leopard gecko is extremely dangerous. Overfeeding it could be worse that not feeding it at all. Those that choose to buy powder mixes should be careful not to feed too much.


It is known that leopard geckos rarely eat fruit in their natural habitat. Sometimes they hunt and eat small insects or mollusks. So, why not feed them the same at home?

Small insects and mollusks are not a regular part of the diet. Leopard geckos consume this protein on specific occasions. Feeding a Leopard gecko exclusively with insects is bad for the reptile.

However, it could be a good treat once a month. Not all insects make good leopard gecko food. Instead of worms, a leopard gecko would prefer crickets.

Some brands offer powdered insects. It could be mixed with the regular food to increase the proteins in the diet. Feeding them these types of food occasionally for the best result.

Our recommendation for ready-to-serve Leopard gecko food:

Our recommendation for ready-to-serve on Amazon:


Baby Food

This is an example of what-not-to-feed a leopard gecko. People choose this option because it is easier but in the end is damaging for the creature. Products for babies are no appropriate Leopard gecko food.

These products are never made of real fruit. Instead, brands prepare then with fruit replacements, artificial flavors and sugar. Baby food is mostly made of sugar, which is bad for animals in general. Avoid baby food at all cost. Do not include it in the diet of your leopard gecko.

Custom Smoothies

Trying to emulate the Leopard gecko food is a waste of time. The environmental conditions change the conditions of  the insects it consumes. Only an expert should consider creating their own homemade smoothies.

If the owner knows what they are doing, these method will keep their Leopard gecko healthy. However, with homemade food there is not guarantee that the pet is getting all the nutrients. Recipes should be constantly checked and improve. Especially if after a while the Leopard geckos starts losing weight.

Breeders add ingredients like yoghurt and honey to the smoothies. Dairy products could not be safe for reptiles. Cold blooded creatures cannot digest lactose like mammals can. It could lead to complications.

What Is The Best Food Option?

Leopard Gecko Activity

Each option has its own advantages. Some owners like to experiment and choose to create their own food. Other rather be safe and buy supplements. The diet will depend on the owner.

There are resources online about Leopard gecko food. The breeder’s community is always open to sharing the knowledge. Some opinions could be conflicting. Each opinion will be based on their personal experience. Every Leopard gecko is different, some may like insects while other refuse to eat them.

If talking to other owners is overwhelming, consult a professional. Veterinarians for exotic species know more about the best Leopard gecko food. They will help you to find the perfect diet for your pet. Also, they will know what to do if your Leopard gecko reacts poorly to certain foods.

The most important is to do the research. Exotic pets are not easy to raise as a dog could be. These animals should live under specific conditions. Eat special food at specific times. Beginners should inform themselves before acquiring an exotic pet.

Leopard geckos and other types of reptiles are not cheap pets. Taking care of them requires a big budget. Not having enough resources to pay for special supplements could lead to neglect. Feeding a Leopard gecko with the wrong type of food will lead to death.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Processed Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Kit

People’s love for reptiles is still soaring and so does research in relation to this shift. This research may be taken to consider the environment in which these animals are kept, how they grow and develop in different situations and how slow or quick they respond to these environmental changes, for the purpose of adaptability.

Leopard gecko is just as valuable as any other pet, and a tentative care ought to be taken when handling them. This happens to be the case when choosing the quality environment and how to make it more serene for these interesting creatures, which almost went unnoticed over quite a number of years.

It is interesting to find out that crest gecko were discovered almost in the rarest place, and yet they increased in the human pleasure. Discovered as wild, yet converted to pets.

1. It Is the Best Meal

One of the basic aspects of caring for the pets that you really love is to feed them on the best meal available in the market. You then sit back and see these animals grow, procreate, and you may end up being a dealer of them in the stores in your market area. While there exists various types of food stuffs that you may feed the Leopard gecko on, none of them beats the Leopard gecko repashy.

One will absolutely be thrilled when they try to introduce this kind of food to the Leopard gecko. There is no time taken for these geckos to adapt to this kind of food. Instead, you realize that your supply gets depleted with an increased frequency than it used to before.

In common experience, we believe that our pets have had enough supply when they much down food, and then a bit is left at the serving bowl, and then the pet walks off to the water supply. Leopard gecko repashy proved to be ideal for these pets because they consume twice as much compared to the other kinds of foods, to the pet keeper’s delight.

This in turn in translated into more rapid growth, to the pleasure; of the owner. In order to realize these, then should consider the following reasons or buying Leopard gecko repashy.

2. Widely researched upon

Leopard Gecko Behavior

Studies have already been conducted and they have proved repashy to be a quality meal for Leopard gecko. Across the curriculum on zoology, studies strongly confirm that repashy is undoubtedly the best meal for Leopard gecko.

3. It stimulates breeding

Leopard gecko repashy is specially formulated to provide essential nutrients that cater for growth and reproduction, making it an ideal choice for robust Leopard gecko. It serves as a veterinarian substance.

While the Leopard gecko repashy serves to be the best meal for this variety of gecko, it is important to note that it is medicinal to the Leopard geckos. Therefore, once supplied to them, one may not bother to hire a vet to do some diagnosis of any infection arising among the gecko in the zoo.

4. It nourishes the gecko surface

Sometimes one wonders why Leopard geckos shine while in the zoo. If you have always admired getting yours to shine and unfortunately the effort seems to be yielding you nothing, then there is only one product you have not tried out yet, and that is Leopard gecko repashy.

This product, Leopard gecko repashy, has ingredients of unbeatable quality. That’s why they are approved through institutions, to provide these extra ordinary benefits to your pets both internally and externally.

5. It Is A Balanced Diet Once Served

That having been said, Leopard gecko repashy serves to be the meal of choice for these fascinating reptiles. It bears elements of nice balance between the nutritional supplements, where you find that the manner in which the Leopard geckos are thriving, there’s no issue with their nutrition.

While these Leopard geckos feed on majority of commercially produced foodstuffs for geckos, it becomes a cool for one to choose and make a priority to feed this particular breed on repashy.

This is confirmed by the thrust growth and much activity noticed in the cage, and wherever among the common habitats you choose to place your Leopard gecko.

Repashy for Leopard gecko comes in different versions and the owner of these pets ought to feed his beloved reptiles with different varieties to break some boredom that night arise from the monotony of relying on only one species of the diet.

Just as for humans, it would serve so well to feed these Leopard geckos on a rotational manner. This would serve as a shift for them, thus making them livelier.

You should be committed o their wellbeing and therefore it is a matter of necessity to treat these noble creatures with care, where Leopard gecko repashy becomes part of. There are particular times of the year when you should figure out the weather according to the season, and automatically decide what your Leopard gecko will feed on.

In the cases where you find that the weather is quire chilly, then you should go for Leopard gecko repashy that is rich in oil.

7 Tips To Help Improve Your Pet’s Health With The Right Processed Leopard Gecko Food

Leopard Gecko Bed

1. Always Read the Package Label

Irrespective of how convincing a sales agent seems, never accept to purchase pet food without checking the label properly. Marketers are paid to make even the least of healthiest meals look great.

It’s their job to get you to buy the food. However, it’s also your job to get your gecko the healthiest balanced diet you can find.

Know what leopard geckos eat. Understand how your pet gets proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  Google each ingredient to find out which ingredient is dangerous for your gecko and which one is healthy. Once you have the knowledge of what you should feed your pet, it’s easy to find the right meal for him.

2. Introduce Natural Gecko Foods

Naturally, leopard geckos eat insects only. They acquire their nutrients from eating small insects. When looking for health gecko food, therefore, search for foods that have insect based ingredients.

Sometimes companies replace insects with egg whites or whey isolate as sources of proteins for geckos. It’s perfectly healthy as long as the protein alternatives do not contain high levels of anti-nutrients. Natural ingredient meals provide your pet with the right nutrients without upsetting him.

By contrast, processed gecko foods tend to upset and potentially pose health issues. Processed diets also contain fewer nutrients.

3. Choose your Suppliers Diligently

If you can’t keep up with what is on the labels every time you buy new food supplies, know your supplier. Sometimes clever advertising can cheat you to purchase unhealthy meals for your pet.

Take time to research about the manufacturers and suppliers of your gecko’s meals before you commit to buy from them. When you know that other gecko pet owners have trust in the manufacturer, you can introduce the foods to your pet. The best manufacturers sell products that are thoroughly tested and proven to be healthy.

4. Introduce Variety in your Feeding

Feed your pet gecko with a variety of meals as often as possible. Most pet foods either contain an unwanted ingredient or lack some ingredients crucial for the proper development of your pet.

Ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients he needs in the right proportions by introducing a variety of foods regularly. Your gecko pet also needs change in diet just as much as you do.

Most gecko owners report to have improved response from their pets when they offer variety in food types. Animal nutritionists also claim that small reptiles like geckos enjoy delicious meals just like human do.

Show your love to your pet by constantly feeding her with meals that are always delicious and healthy.

5. Never Overfeed

Geckos are low maintenance creatures. With the right diet, you only need to feed your pet once or twice a day. They don’t each much either, but they are prone to health issues.

Feeding your gecko unhealthy meals exposes him to gluten and other unwanted food substances that make animals overweight. Feed your gecko one or two feeding cups a day depending on their appetite.

Don’t over feed him and don’t give your gecko snacks either. An average Pangea food for your Leopard gecko should provide, enough healthy food o your gecko for about 4-7 months.

6. Limit The Use Shelf Foods

Like their counterparts who deal with dog foods, gecko food suppliers have grasped the art of convincing pet owners that shelf foods are replacements for live meals.

Most suppliers will easily convince you to purchase processed foods because they can last up to 2 years on the shelves. They know that you are probably looking for healthy meals that can last. What suppliers won’t say is that processed foods lack important vitamins and minerals present in live foods.

They lack crucial enzymes and nutrients that can’t replace insects. If you have to use pellet based products for your gecko, use them as supplements to healthy, Pangea gecko food.

7. Keep Feeding Bowls Clean

These days manufacturers of gecko kits provide disposable feeding cups and bowls. If you can afford them, disposable kits provide better health and sanitation to your pet. Non-disposable bowls are not bad either but they ask for thorough cleaning if you want your pet to stay healthy for long.

For cleaning solution, you can check out our recommendation from Amazon: Chlorhexidine Solution

For cage cleaning, you can try this one on Amazon: Mini Dustpan and Broom Set


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