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7 Reasons You Should Buy A Crested Gecko Leash Right Now (Bonus Safety Tips Inside)

Just like dogs, cool crested gecko leashes and harnesses can make you pet look his/her best. Not just appearance, your reptile pet can also benefit from wearing such an accessory.

The 2 most important things to remember about crested gecko leashes and harnesses are (1) it makes your pet look cool as an accessory, and (2) it can ensure your reptile buddy safety. Here are the 6 reasons why you’ll need this item.

1. Crested gecko leashes look good on your pet

As an accessory, leashes & harnesses can make your pet look cool. There are 2 types of crested gecko leash you can buy. One is made from rope, with a button to help you adjust the length. The other one is included with a leather-made harness, which can ensure comfort for your pet. 

If you can’t put clothes on your crested gecko, why not try a good leash instead?

2. It can save your reptile buddy life

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

As a relatively small pet, crested geckos are quick and run fast. Imagine your pet is sitting on your palm; 0.5 second later, it’s gone, disappeared in a nearby bush. With crested gecko leash, this won’t happend.  And don’t you worry about hurting your pet, high quality leashes & harnesses will do the job, while keeping your little reptile comfortable.

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3. Crested gecko leash can save the neighborhood

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

Crested gecko leash will prevent your pet running around, scared off your neighborhood. Moreoever, it can also prevent your reptile pet from chasing animals, people, or bikes.  Reptile pet, in general, is not common. Walking it around with a secured leash brings courteous to your neighbors, especially if they do not know your crested gecko’s level of obedience.

4. Training made easy with a good crested gecko leash

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

Crested gecko can easily be tamed if you use a leash. Of course, you won’t expect it to behave like dogs or cats, but you can take control over your pet in some situations. Try to teach it tricks, like crawling on your arms, or running from your head to toe. It’s cool, right?

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5. Free to walk with you in the park, like other pets

This is a sum up for all those above reasons: by ensuring safety for both yousefl and your pet, a high quality crested gecko leash is needed. And hey, you can show-off your little buddy more often when you know how to do it.

6. Sun bath party

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

Crested gecko may not need as much light exposure as other reptiles. But it surely enjoys natural light, rather than those UV bulbs in its terrarium. You won’t be able to walk your little buddy with a good leash.

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7. No more lost pet

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

The accessory is good at keep your crested gecko by your side. So it won’t have a chance to rush in some nearby bushes and disappear. FOR EVER!

Bonus crested gecko leash safety tips

When using a leash for your crested gecko, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a leash that is the correct size for your pet. Smaller crested geckos need thinner leashes with smaller hardware, while large ones may require leashes of a slightly thicker width.
  • Never pull or drag your reptile pet with a leash. It can injure your pet, especially young and small geckos.
  • Keep your leash in good condition. Leash for crested gecko is more simplier than traditional one. People can mistake it with some kind of rope and throw it away.

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