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9 Reasons You Should Get A Bearded Dragon As Your Pet (Hint: It’s Not Expensive)

Bearded dragons are becoming popular pets in America and UK. Herpetologists state that beardies have advantages over dogs and cats that are making people choose them other any other pet.

With the correct habitat setup in your home, beardies are great pets to have. Discover 9 reasons why you should get a bearded dragon as your next pet.

1. Size

Crested Geckos Pangea are small in size. Their average size ranges is just 8-9 inches. They weigh approximately 35 grams. Their small size and weight makes them easy to maintain. If your house is space challenged, getting a beardie means that you don’t have to worry about where to keep him.

Special kits built for beardies are small and affordable as well. And the good thing, you can place the kit at any part of your home. The kits are also light to carry. You can always change its location anytime you want. Additionally, beardie kits are stylish to make your house even more attractive.

2. Minimum care

It is more convenient to have a beardie as a pet when you have tight schedule. Geckos require minimum care and attention. You don’t need much time to take care of a beardie. You don’t have to clean a beardie as in the case of a dog or cat. Neither will have to take it for walks. The only thing to consider is that its habitat is suitable.

Bearded dragons are adapted to temperatures of 78-  85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and below 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. You can provide heat to their tanks by using a bulb. Leave one side of the tank unheated so that the beardie can find a cool place to bask. Again, make sure that its habitat is tidily kept.

Additionally, Geckos do not have a complicated diet. In fact, they can feed on rotten food which is easily available. If that is not an option, their commercial food is cheap and mostly powder-like. This makes it easy to prepare the food.

3. Allergies

Crested Geckos do not cause allergies.  Most fur animals like cats are allergic and you may not stand them. Crested Geckos are great pet alternatives if you are allergic to dog and cat fur.

4. Low cost

Generally small reptiles are cheaper than any other reptile pet.  A crested Gecko pet costs between $35 -$60 in some places. This is much cheaper compared to a tortoise, for example. The least price of a tortoise pet is approximately $150.

Additionally, bearded dragons do not require frequent veterinary check-ups like dogs and cats unless of a health emergency.

They will need less than 5 veterinary appointments per year if well taken care of.  Make sure that their habitat meets the conditions of their adaptations. This will help keep them healthy.

5. Responsibility

Having a Gecko as a pet means that you will have to take care of it. This creates a sense of responsibility in you. You are able to learn responsibility traits which you in turn apply to your fellow human beings.

6. Silence

If you want a quiet environment, bearded dragons are better choice of pets. They are quiet. They only produce a squeaking noise that can’t disturb you. The squeaking noise is not as irritating as loud barks of dogs. A quiet environment will provide you proper concentration to activities such as studying. Again, you will not have trouble with your neighbors and the law because pets noise.

7. Crested Geckos are delightful to watch

Crested Geckos have traits that are entertaining to watch. Just looking at Crested Gecko could help you relieve stress. First, they have ear flaps called crests which are floppy. The floppy ears are soft to touch. Crested Geckos change their color just like chameleons. They have prehensile tails that make them possible to hang upside down.

Also, they have nice eyelashes that make them super adorable. It is also fun to watch them eat. Their tongues are long enough to reach their eyes! Crested Geckos do not have eye lids; hence, they use their tongues to moisten their eyes.

8. Companionship

One reason people get pets is to seek companionship. Health experts have proven that loneliness is one of the causes of stress. Stress in turn develops to depression. Pets are also forms of companionships. Human beings are sometimes unable to provide honest companionship. Having a bearded dragon in your home helps you evade loneliness and boredom. You can make them your listening buddies since the cant talk. Again, taking care of them during your free time makes you active

9. They Live for a While

If maintained properly, Crested Geckos can live for up to 20 years. If you are after a pet you could live with for over a decade, a beardie is a great a pet as a dog.

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