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Best Bearded Dragon Leashes & Harnesses (Under $10)

So, you are looking for best bearded dragon leashes, right? You have come to the right place. But wait a second, why would on Earth you want to wear your beardie with this kind of “rope”? In short: your pet is a little bit grown up now, so you want to take it for a ride around your house, garden for fresh air.

Or you want to show off your beardie to your friends, telling them how good to have this little creature on hand. That’s why you need bearded dragon leash.

Today, we’re going dig the whole Amazon up to find you the best bearded dragon leashes you can buy. Let’s go!

Finding the best bearded dragon leashes and harnesses

T-Rex Comfort Leash for Bearded Dragon- Soft leather harness
- Fashionable
- Not so adjustable
- Choose size carefully
For occasionnaly hang-out owners who know well about their beardie size.Buy It On
Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness from My Reptile Rocks- Simple & easy to put on
- Length vary
- Looks so plainSuitable for most bearded dragons at any ageBuy It On

Before you buy your first bearded dragon leash

WTF is leash or harness for bearded dragon?

A leash is a pet accessory that’s widely used for dogs. It’s like a rope attached to the pet’s neck to help owner control it. The keyword here is to control it. So, with bearded dragon collar, you can control your beardie and walk it around. For the harness, it’s a more gentle type of harness, not attached directly to a collar and hurts the animal.

Wait, can I use dog collar for bearded dragon?

We don’t think it’s a good idea. Bearded dragon is much smaller than dog, no way leash can fit. Moreover, dog leash, even for puppy, wraps around their neck. While beardie’s neck is so short, and they have legs nearby, you should use a specifically designed bearded dragon leash.

How about bearded dragon harness?

Compared to a leash, harness provides better control over your pet. You won’t hurt it when trying to calm it. Bearded dragon is a very active animal, meaning they’re fast and love to run around. It’s a good idea to use a harness if your beardie is still small or overactive.

How to put on leash & harness?

Please check out this video below to see how easy a little girl puts a leash on her bearded dragon.

What makes a good leash or harness for bearded dragon?

1. Your beardie should be comfortable

Don’t you think your bearded dragon will love to wear that collar around their neck? We don’t think so. It’s not easy to know how your pet feeling. But there is one way to know: after putting on leash or harness, if your beardie’s able to move its neck, front legs and run without problem, then it’s good to go.

2. The leash/harness should be adjustable

This criteria is not only applicable to bearded dragon leash and harness, but also for any kind of animals, especially small or young ones. Adjustable length will help your pet feel more comfortable.

3. It’s should be durable, easy to put, and affordable

The leash or harness should be able to stand with bearded dragon’s teeth, strong but not so stiff to rip-off their scales. There are many cases that when the owners put cheap and unqualified leash on their pets and hurt them.

Best bearded dragon leashes review

T-Rex Comfort Leash for Bearded Dragon

T-Rex Comfort Leash for Bearded Dragon

This leash comes with a piece of leather, acting as a harness for your bearded dragon. The rope is adjustable and easy to pivot, which satisfies our criteria. The bearded dragon collar is kinda unique because it includes a harness. Your beardie will sure find comfort in this leash.

Though, T-Rex Comfort Leash is suitable for many types of reptile, including iguanas, anoles, monitors, tegus, geckos, and swifts.

Pros: Soft leather harness and easy-to-put-on leash can make your beardedie feel comfortable
Cons: Large reptiles may not fit well. You’ll need to choose size carefully.
Bottom line: This product is the best leash for small & young bearded dragons.

Check Price On Amazon

For bigger ones, please check out these size options.

Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness from My Reptile Rocks

Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness from My Reptile Rocks

This leash has been trademarked for the name and comes from My Reptile Rocks. So the bearded dragon collar is from a brand quite dedicated to reptile industry. The design looks so simple; you can even see how it’s made: rope, button, zip up and done. You got a pretty nice leash for a ride.

And because it’s way so adjustable, this leash & harness can fit almost any bearded dragon at any age.

Pro: Simple but works, this leash & harness offer many lengths to choose from (3-6 ft). It’s durable & lightweight also.
Con: Not fashionable, perhaps? And shipping time is quite long (6-10 days) on Amazon.
Bottom line: You don’t need to worry about sizing and length when it comes to this Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness.

Check Price On Amazon

7 Reasons You Should Buy Bearded Dragon Leash Right Now

Only dogs need leash. Not really! Bearded dragons need it, too. For the sake of its safety, and your convenience, this accessory is a must-have for any reptile pet owner.

1. Less chance of accident

Leash & harness is there to help you control your bearded dragon. Rather than holding it on your hand, now you can walk it around, thanks to this product accessory. Moreover, the reptile is a very active animal. With a high quality leash & harness, your beardie is safe.

2. No more lost beardie

The accessory is good at keep your beardie by your side. So it won’t have a chance to rush in some nearby bushes and disappear. FOR EVER!

3. Show-off more!

Letting your friends know about your little buddy feels good. A leash can help you walk it out more frequently, and easier. Stop hiding behind rocks, start being social, beardie!

4. Walk in a park, like usual pet owners

Sometimes you want to go out for a walk in the park with your beardie. Without a collar, how can you do that? Putting your pet in the pocket? No! Just grab a bearded dragon leash then go!

5. Sun bath party

You spend so much time & effort to build a lovely habitat for your bearded dragon. But it’s still artificial. Hot sunlight vs. UV lamp, which one do you think your beardie will prefer? Securing your pet with a harness and go outside.

6. Training beardie made easy

Though it’s hard, no one says it’ impossible to train bearded dragons to do some cool tricks like other pets. Of course, you can’t expect it to behave like dogs or cats, but if your pet can do dog’s trick, it’s cool anyway. Moreover, you can take control over your beardie in some situations.

7. Bearded dragon leashes look good on your pet

As an accessory, leashes & harnesses can make your pet look cool. There are 2 types of bearded dragon leash you can buy. One is made from rope, with a button to help you adjust the length. The other one is included with a leather-made harness, which can ensure comfort for your pet.

If you can’t put clothes on your beardie, why not try a good leash instead?

Bonus: Bearded dragon leash safety tips

When using a leash for your bearded dragon, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a leash that is the correct size for your pet. Smaller bearded dragons need a thinner collar with smaller hardware, while large ones may require leashes of a slightly thicker width.
  • Never pull or drag your reptile pet with a leash. It can injure your pet, especially young and small ones.
  • Keep your leash in good condition. Leash for bearded dragon is more simplier than traditional one. People can mistake it with some kind of rope and throw it away.

Final bottom line: which is the best bearded dragon leash & harness?

You decide. No, just kidding!

The T-rex Comfort Lesh seems like an accessory that would stand with your pet for a long time. It has appearance, comfort, and convenience your beardie’s looking for. For smaller & younger ones, or for those who don’t occasionally use, you can stick with the second product.

T-Rex Comfort Leash for Bearded Dragon- Soft leather harness
- Fashionable
- Not so adjustable
- Choose size carefully
For occasionnaly hang-out owners who know well about their beardie size.Buy It On
Adjustable Reptile Leash™ Harness from My Reptile Rocks- Simple & easy to put on
- Length vary
- Looks so plainSuitable for most bearded dragons at any ageBuy It On

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