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7 Tips to Help Improve your Pet’s Health with the Right Pangea Crested Gecko Food

Pangea food is the most recommended diet for fruit-eating geckos. Crested geckos fall into this category. Pangea crested gecko food is a mix of protein from egg whites, insects, calcium, dried bananas, rice, coconut and a variety of other ingredients to flavor the food. Find out how to buy the right food for your gecko pet with these 8 tips.

1. Always Read the Package Label

Irrespective of how convincing a sales agent seems, never accept to purchase pet food without checking the label properly. Marketers are paid to make even the least of healthiest meals look great.

It’s their job to get you to buy the food. However, it’s also your job to get your gecko the healthiest balanced diet you can find.

Know what crested geckos eat. Understand how your pet gets proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  Google each ingredient to find out which ingredient is dangerous for your gecko and which one is healthy. Once you have the knowledge of what you should feed your pet, it’s easy to find the right meal for him.

2. Introduce Natural Gecko Foods

Naturally, crested geckos eat fruits and insects. They acquire their nutrients from eating small insects, fruits and select vegetable types.

When looking for health gecko food, therefore, search for foods that consist of fruits and insect based ingredients. Foods with dried bananas, for example, dried coconut or dried papayas are much healthier to your gecko compared to any processed food.

Sometimes companies replace insects with egg whites or whey isolate as sources of proteins for geckos. It’s perfectly healthy as long as the protein alternatives do not contain high levels of anti-nutrients. Natural ingredient meals provide your pet with the right nutrients without upsetting him.

By contrast, processed gecko foods tend to upset and potentially pose health issues. Processed diets also contain fewer nutrients.

3. Choose your Suppliers Diligently

If you can’t keep up with what is on the labels every time you buy new food supplies, know your supplier. Sometimes clever advertising can cheat you to purchase unhealthy meals for your pet.

Take time to research about the manufacturers and suppliers of your gecko’s meals before you commit to buy from them. When you know that other gecko pet owners have trust in the manufacturer, you can introduce the foods to your pet. The best manufacturers sell products that are thoroughly tested and proven to be healthy.

4. Introduce Variety in your Feeding

Feed your pet gecko with a variety of meals as often as possible. Most pet foods either contain an unwanted ingredient or lack some ingredients crucial for the proper development of your pet. Ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients he needs in the right proportions by introducing a variety of foods regularly. Your gecko pet also needs change in diet just as much as you do.

Geckos enjoy eating a variety of fruits. If you purchase watermelon flavored gecko food today, replace the meal with banana flavored food the next time you replace the supplies. Most gecko owners report to have improved response from their pets when they offer variety in food types. Animal nutritionists also claim that small reptiles like geckos enjoy delicious meals just like human do.

Show your love to your pet by constantly feeding her with meals that are always delicious and healthy.

5. Never Overfeed

Geckos are low maintenance creatures. With the right diet, you only need to feed your pet once or twice a day. They don’t each much either, but they are prone to health issues.

Feeding your gecko unhealthy meals exposes him to gluten and other unwanted food substances that make animals overweight. Feed your gecko one or two feeding cups a day depending on their appetite. Don’t over feed him and don’t give your gecko snacks either. An average Pangea food for your crested gecko should provide, enough healthy food o your gecko for about 4-7 months.

6. Limit the use Shelf Foods

Like their counterparts who deal with dog foods, gecko food suppliers have grasped the art of convincing pet owners that shelf foods are replacements for live meals.

Most suppliers will easily convince you to purchase processed foods because they can last up to 2 years on the shelves. They know that you are probably looking for healthy meals that can last. What suppliers won’t say is that processed foods lack important vitamins and minerals present in live foods.

They lack crucial enzymes and nutrients that can’t replace fruits or insects. If you have to use pellet based products for your gecko, use them as supplements to healthy, Pangea gecko food.

7. Keep Feeding Bowls Clean

These days manufacturers of gecko kits provide disposable feeding cups and bowls. If you can afford them, disposable kits provide better health and sanitation to your pet. Non-disposable bowls are not bad either but they ask for thorough cleaning if you want your pet to stay healthy for long.

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