Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Food Desires (From Breeders & Experienced Reptile Owners)

Leopard gecko food is one of the most difficult parts for every reptile pet owners. If you know how to feed them properly, will impact on their overall health and appearance. Don’t get intimidated! Let me show you how.

Feeding them is quite amusing and informative as well, it is not the simple fill-a-bowl type. Although there are many types of re-packed leopard gecko food sold in both online & offline pet stores,. It is best for you as a pet owner to understand which one is suitable for your little reptile, especially provide them with a variety of food.  

Feeding leopard gecko is not just to satisfy their hunger, but also to meet their natural instinct to hunt or catch prey for food.

Food the leopard’s desires

So, what are the foods your leopard gecko would desire? The first answer might pop up in your mind is that they like eating crickets.

As a number choice for any reptile owner, you would purchase crickets from a local pet store, rather than going outside and catch some in your garden. It’s better to buy them, as those caught by yourself may have gone to yards with fertilizers, weed killers, or even pesticides.

If given your leopard geckos with this kind of cricket, the poisonous chemicals they have consumed may transfer to your pet and may affect their health. The crickets I was referring to are the specially bred ones that are in captivity and are raised solely as reptile food.

When purchasing the cricket in your favorite reptile store, make sure that it is the correct size. How do you get to know the exact measurement? Just look at your gecko’s head. Leopard gecko feeds on crickets that are not wider than half the width of his head. For the young leopard’s they prefer the pinhead crickets while the adult gecko can devour the full-size adult cricket.

Preparing the feeding time – Do not just feed the crickets yet, there are preparations that need to be done first. With a plastic bag, place the desired number of crickets for feeding. We will “gut load” the crickets one day before the scheduled feeding. What is gut loading? It is the adding of calcium and other nutrients to your crickets to make them very nutritious for your geckos.

How to gut load? Inside the plastic bag, dust the crickets with calcium powder, close the plastic and shake it until the crickets are coated all over. After which these crickets may also be served with grated carrots and water to feed them as well during the 24 hours of gut loading. Calcium powder is an essential element for your pet’s bone.

Quantities may vary depending on the age of your pet; however, a start of 5-6 crickets per meal is sufficient. If ever geckos cannot finish all just decrease the number next time around. Baby leopards must be fed daily while the adult may be fed once for every two days.

The next day your leopard gecko is ready to feed on the gut loaded crickets. Just place them inside the tank they are not appropriate for bowls since it is in their nature to be jumping around. More so, that is the purpose why crickets are fed to your geckos to stimulate their hunting instinct for food. Your gecko will be just happy and satisfied with catching their food.

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