Crested Gecko

How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost?

How much do crested geckos cost is a typical question that every reptile pet owner asks. In this post, you will not only know how much money, but also the potential cost of owning a crested gecko for the long run.

There will be 2 sections: cost of a crested gecko and cost of owning one.

How much will you pay for a typical crested gecko pet?

Crested geckos, like many pets on the market, have prices that vary according to their rarity on the market at a given time. Some species may be hard to keep due to difficult conditions like food and environment.

Many take longer to breed and mature. However, crested gecko, as a species, is quite easy to keep and nurture due to their easy demands in terms of food, environment and due to the ease with which they breed.

There are some “niche market” specimens that require more intensive care in order to get the most desirable offsprings. However, “plain” geckos would cost less, with a price range of 30-60 dollars depending on availability. How much do crested geckos cost is an easy question to answer.

But the real question is, how much to keep crested gecko as a pet?

As other pets, the price you pay for a crested gecko is not what’s actually the cost. Here is a list of cost if you want to own a reptile pet:

  • The crested gecko itself
  • Reptile food
  • A reptile tank or cage
  • Accessories such as: habitat setup, leashes, hides, rocks, bedding, sand, UV light, lamp, etc.
  • Health care
  • Additional cost

According to a report by ASPCA, $1000 is what you’re going to pay for in the first year of pet ownership. Annual cost for the following years may go upto $600 – $700.

But don’t worry, for crested gecko, the annual cost will be much lower. You will need to pay for food, other accessories are one-time cost. So you can save money in the long run.


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