Crested Gecko

How Long Do Crested Geckos Live?

Crested gecko first discovery

Crested gecko was first described as species “Correlophus ciliatus” by a French zoologist named Alphone Guichenot in 1866. It has many names, including New Caledonian crested gecko (named after the island where it’s first found), Guichenot’s giant gecko (named after the French zoologist) or eyelash gecko (thanks to its recognizable feature).

Crested gecko was considered to be extinct, due to illegal pet trade throughout the 20th century.  Not until 1994, it was found in the wilde once again.

So, how long do crested geckos live?

Since it was re-discovered in 1994, it would still be quite a shot in the dark as to how long the creature could live.  The reason is simple, there are few comparative studies with regard to the life span of this species. The most viable data comes from the wild crested geckos in their home island, New Caledonia.

There has been a consensus that a properly cared gecko could live up to 15 years or so.  Female geckos seem to have lesser lifespan than that of male geckos, this is due to the strains of breeding that imperil their diet and overall health.

Captive creatures tend to have decreased lifespan due to the fact that many keepers do not know how to properly care for them in terms of environment and food.

Can crested geckos live together

It is fine to get two geckos to live together in the same tank. However, more than this number would be problematic as the geckos would struggling the have a pleasant enough space to thrive.

Even with two geckos, certains rules should be followed to ensure their wellbeing:

1/ Only animals with similar size inside the same tank, as larger gecko could appropriate all the food of the smaller one.

2/ It is better to put females together, as males are known to frequently fight for territory and mates. Females do fight, but on a scale less severe than that of a pair of males.

3/ One or more females and one male only, this is fine but this WILL result in mating.

4/ Space is of the essence here as too tight an enclosure could mean that your geckos would struggling a lot.

5/ Quarantine for at least 60 days before putting geckos together to ensure that one of the geckos would not be sick and could spread to the other one.

Where do crested geckos come from?

Crested gecko is endemic to South Province, New Caledonia, There are three populations of crested geckos, the first one could be found on the Isle of Pines, the other two are found on Grande Terre.

Can crested geckos swim?

As an deep-rooted instinct of the animal, swimming is an innate ability of each and every gecko. However, like a baby, whose innate ability to swim is beyond doubt, we must not place our geckos in a fish tank simply because they can swim. That would be a very misguided belief at best. This is simply because swimming is just a survival instinct of the animal, triggered only when the need arises; such instinct would only be used when there is danger. As such, aquatic environment would be a far cry from a conducive environment for your gecko.

As a result, let your gecko stay away from water as much as possible.

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