Crested Gecko

How Fast Do Crested Geckos Grow? (Answers From Breeders & Experienced Reptile Owners)

Crested geckos, or in this case, baby geckos, take about one to two years to become fully grown adults. Generally, it takes about 18 months for a gecko to come of age. However, you should not take this as an immutable pattern as geckos in different environments could show different growth rates. Fluctuation in humidity and temperature could have an impact on growth rates. Geckos tend to reach 25 grams before they could accelerate their growth rates, before that, their growth rates are quite slow.

Can crested geckos’ tails grow back?

Crested geckos try to sever their tails as a mean to distract predator, thus saving their lives in the process. This is a completely normal mechanism, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Your crested geckos would heal soon and they could engage in activities as if nothing has happened.

However, it should be noted that once severed, a crested gecko’s tail would not regrow. Unlike some other species of geckos, crested gecko’s tail would not regenerate. The reason is that it is simply too costly for a small gecko to grow back its lost tail. Thinks of the tremendous amount of energy and nutrition that it has to expend to do so. Other species of geckos have to sacrifice their abilities to reproduce and to grow in order to regenerate their tails.  

Do crested geckos have teeth?

Crested Gecko

You may have noticed that your gecko lacks a very important feature of any animal, it lacks teeth. However, the truth is that gecko does have teeth, it is just that its teeth are very small, too small in fact that sometimes, they hide in plain sight, too unnoticeable to be noticed at all.

With such small teeth, it is not very serious to be bitten by your gecko, though I would not recommend that you try all the time.

Can crested geckos swim?

As an deep-rooted instinct of the animal, swimming is an innate ability of each and every gecko. However, like a baby, whose innate ability to swim is beyond doubt, we must not place our geckos in a fish tank simply because they can swim. That would be a very misguided belief at best. This is simply because swimming is just a survival instinct of the animal, triggered only when the need arises; such instinct would only be used when there is danger. As such, aquatic environment would be a far cry from a conducive environment for your gecko.

As a result, let your gecko stay away from water as much as possible.

Where do crested geckos come from?

How often do crested geckos eat?

Crested gecko is endemic to South Province, New Caledonia, There are three populations of crested geckos, the first one could be found on the Isle of Pines, the other two are found on Grande Terre.

Do crested geckos change colors?

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Crested geckos do change their colors, in the wild, geckos have three colors morph, pattern-less, white-fringed and tiger.

However, try as they might, breeders have never been successful in breeding crested geckos in captivity with such color schemes as they have in the wild.

Crested geckos can change colors depending on their moods and surroundings. This is meant as a kind of alert to the changes happening in the environments. And when geckos sleep, their colors would change to a darker tone, a process called “fired down”. This is hardly an indicator of danger, instead, it implies a certain unique trait of the species.

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