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7 Essential Tips to Help You Find a Healthy Crested Gecko Pet

Having a pet is joyous, fulfilling and life changing for some. Most people prefer dogs and cats. But choosing a reptile shows that you are unique. Crested Geckos Pangea pets are some of the most unique pets to own.

However, there are several other types of geckos you can pet. Know what gecko type you want to have before you make a decision to own one. You don’t want to take home a gecko pet that will stress you. Here are the 7 essential tips you should consider when choosing a gecko pet.

1. Find out Everything about Crested Geckos

Equip yourself with enough information about crested geckos before you decide to pet one. Although keeping crested gecko pets is becoming popular, it is still a new idea to many Americans. Many people get excited in owning the pet and end up ignoring to research. Get to know their traits of crested geckos. Take time and research on the internet, read books and consult gecko experts. Have all the information you need before you choose to own a gecko as a pet.  Educate yourself about the food, living conditions and health issues these pets experience.

2. Analyze your capability

Keeping and maintaining a pet is not easy. It requires both financial and time sacrifice. Analyze whether your lifestyle allows you to own a crested gecko pet or not. Ask yourself whether you have enough finances to maintain a crested gecko pet. Understand all the necessities required to adopt a gecko. Evaluate your housing needs, your finances and commitment to feed a pet that requires a special diet.

Evaluate your schedule and decide whether you will have enough time to take care of your gecko for the more than a decade he may be alive. Petting a gecko requires the same commitment as petting any other animal. You will need to schedule time to feed him and check on him. Sometimes you will need to mist the pet’s environment to keep humidity at the required levels.

Know whether you should hire someone to take care of the pet. If you dream to keeping the pet but your schedule does not allow, make sure there will always be someone to take care of the gecko.

3. Health Confirmation

Health is an essential factor when adopting a pet.  Make sure that you take home a healthy crested gecko. You don’t want to spend much money on veterinary appointments after you buy it. Ask your seller about the gecko’s health history. Enquire about the type of breed, age, weight, adaptations and parents’ information. This way you will be able to foresee its health. You can also enquire on the previous healthy condition. This way you will be able to know the likely sickness of your pet.

When checking whether the crested gecko is healthy or not, focus on the eyes and limbs. A healthy crested gecko has bright and equal- sized eyes. A sick gecko will have one small eye or its eyes will look dry and dull. The limbs should not be swollen. Also, the crested gecko should be active. Check the skin of the crested gecko too. Folded skin is a sign of dehydration.

4. Type of Breed

The breed of the gecko will determine its morphs, color, traits and pattern.  You may want a new crested gecko to mate with the one home. Consider the type of breed you want. You will be able to produce the type of crested gecko you want. Whether pinstripe, Dalmatian and harlequin. Also, you will be able to choose the crested gecko with the color that interests you.

5. Life span

The life span determines tow long the gecko will live. Generally, crested geckos’ life span ranges from 15- 20 years. However, there are some breeds that do not exceed 10 years. Choose a pet that fits your needs. If you are choosing those with long life span, be ready to maintain it though all that time.

6. Pet insurance

 Pet insurance helps you to manage the maintenance cost of the crested gecko. It helps you plan for your pet’s health. Ensure that the crested gecko is insured before buying it. Confirm whether the insurance providers are legal by checking their track record.  Know whether the type of insurance will fit with your plan.

7. Equipment

The equipment that you will use to set up an Exo -terra habitat will either be wooden or glass. Each type has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. With wood, the kit is easy to make and suitable for geckos that need high level of humidity. On the downside, a wooden kit has the disadvantage of staying dirty for longer.  A glass habitat is easy to sterilize and clean. On the downside, it is less brittle; it can break easily. It is also expensive.

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