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What Is The Best Diet For a Leopard Gecko?

Dogs come in different colors and sizes. Pure breeds and mixed dogs, all dogs eat the same. Sometimes a brand is not good for a dog but these are isolated cases. The same goes for cats, fishes and other pets. Except for reptiles.

Reptiles are particular creatures that require special care. Not two types of geckos are the same. Each type needs a special food. Some eat insects, other fruits. Even those that eat the same have different metabolism. Some geckos need to be fed daily, others every third day. To resume, reptiles are complicated.

Leopard geckos are a special type of reptiles. They have special needs not only on their terrariums but also on their food. Gecko owners need to learn as much as possible about their pets. Not taking care of it properly will damage its health. So choosing the right leopard gecko food is the ultimate thing every reptile owner should know.

Food is the most important part about leopard gecko care. There are different brands that offer this or that benefit. This guide will not talk about brands but instead, what kind of diet should a leopard gecko have?

Special Supplements

There are several brands for leopard gecko food. These brands offer a broad variety of products. Each product has its own benefits and flavors. It is overwhelming to choose one brand over the other but first, what are the supplements?

It is a mix of fruits, protein, vitamins and many other ingredients. It is balanced and supposed to emulate the food a leopard gecko consumes on its natural habitat. It comes in two presentation, powdered mix and ready-to-serve puree.

Special supplements’ advantages include:

  • The supplements include all the substances a leopard gecko needs to grow properly.
  • These products are praised by hobbyist and veterinarians.
  • Easy to prepare and serve.
  • Easy to purchase.

The downside is that a diet based only in supplements could not be enough for a leopard gecko. It would need complementary supplements.

Special Supplements Plus Insects

In their natural habitat, leopard geckos eat small insects and mollusks. These creatures are a source of protein and calcium. It is not the main course on a leopard gecko’s diet but it should not be ignored. A combination of supplements and insects is the perfect meal for a leopard gecko.

Not every insect is good for a leopard gecko. The size matters, the insects should be small. Crickets make the best leopard gecko food. Mealworms and feeder roaches are some other alternatives. Some hobbyist do not consider worms as a safe option. The leopard gecko could choke on a worm. Because of this risk, most people refrain from feeding worms.

If an owner cannot handle insects, some brands offer powdered insects. These supplements should be added to the regular food. Insects are not for every meal, it could be as problematic as not giving it insects at all.

Custom Smoothies

Trying to emulate the leopard gecko food is a waste of time. The environmental conditions change the conditions of the fruits and insects it consumes. Only an expert should consider creating their own homemade smoothies.

If the owner knows what they are doing, these method will keep their leopard gecko healthy. However, with homemade food there is not guarantee that the pet is getting all the nutrients. Recipes should be constantly checked and improve. Especially if after a while the leopard geckos starts losing weight.

Breeders add ingredients like yoghurt and honey to the smoothies. Dairy products could not be safe for reptiles. Cold blooded creatures cannot digest lactose like mammals can. It could lead to complications.

What Is The Best Diet?

Each option has its own advantages. Some owners like to experiment and choose to create their own food. Other rather be safe and buy supplements. The diet will depend on the owner.

There are resources online about leopard gecko food. The breeder’s community is always open to sharing the knowledge. Some opinions could be conflicting. Each opinion will be based on their personal experience. Every leopard gecko is different, some may like insects while other refuse to eat them.

If talking to other owners is overwhelming, consult a professional. Veterinarians for exotic species know more about the best leopard gecko food. They will help you to find the perfect diet for your pet. Also, they will know what to do if your leopard gecko reacts poorly to certain foods.

The most important is to do the research. Exotic pets are not easy to raise as a dog could be. These animals should live under specific conditions. Eat special food at specific times. Beginners should inform themselves before acquiring an exotic pet.

leopard geckos and other types of reptiles are not cheap pets. Taking care of them requires a big budget. Not having enough resources to pay for special supplements could lead to neglect. Feeding a leopard gecko with the wrong type of food will lead to death.

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