Do crested geckos need light? Actually yes, but not as highly demanded as other types of reptile. This is an “advantage” for owning such a pet like this.

Facts about the need of light for crested geckos

There is not specific number of about how much light this species need. But compred to other geckos or reptile, crested geckos do not need special light equipments.

If you own a bearded dragon, you already know how much it costs to build UV light & heating lamp system for your pet.

For crested geckos, you can take this as an “advantage”. But if you have a naturalistic habitat setup for your reptile buddy, you need to give them some light, as natural as possible.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not recommended to let your crested gecko sit near a window, under sunlight. As crested geckos enjoy room temperature, the sun will heat up very quickly and harm your pet.

Moreover, your little gecko won’t benefit from sunlight UVB, especially through the pane of window glass like plants. So forget about it, keep your crested gecko as much light as you need.

Which light equipments are good for crested geckos?

Crested geckos need light

Incandescent bulbs might emit a lot of heat inside a small and confined space. Even CFL bulbs can generate heat, so be sure to monitor temperatures when using lights so as not to endanger your geckos.

Sunlight might not be desirable due to heat buildup. Glass also filters out the beneficial UVB rays present in natural sunlight, so it is an ineffective source of Vitamin D3, an important nutrient generated by sun exposure or from a supplemented diet.

There are specialty bulbs made either for night-time heating or for night viewing. These could be red (often labeled as infrared) bulbs, or blue spectrum (moonlight) bulbs to be kept on all night long.

Crested geckos may be able to see these wavelengths of light, and it may interrupt their normal nocturnal behaviors. Be that as it may, you may use these these special bulbs for brief periods in the evenings/early morning to heat the tank or to provide you with some visibility for nighttime viewing.


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