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Top Crested Geckos Behaviors You Should Know (From Breeders & Experienced Reptile Owners)

How often do crested geckos lay eggs?

Crested geckos could lay a new batch of eggs every 3 to 5 weeks, with up to 2 eggs in each batch. However. Not many geckos could be punctual when it comes to laying eggs, so this is just a crude estimation of the most probable temporal range in eggs laying.

Theoretically, crested geckos could lay eggs all year long. However, in theory, we could drive from Massachussetts to California within a day at the speed of more than 160 km/h, yet it would be suicidal to do so. And laying eggs continuously is just like that, suicidal. So if you don’t want to kill your pets, it is better not to tax them too much in terms of  reproduction.

It should also be noted that in a gecko’s lifetime, the rate of reproduction at an early stage of life would determine whether or not the gecko could continue laying eggs in the future. Too high a rate would lead to decreasing fertility or even infertility later on.

Are crested geckos friendly?

Crested Gecko

Crested geckos are quite friendly in the sense that they could tolerate your teasing and presence. However, toleration does not mean affection as the geckos are not really fond of humans. Though geckos are social creatures, they are still reptiles and as such, should be left alone sometimes.

You could make the geckos friendlier by acclimatizing them with your constant presence. Feeding them their favorite dishes like crickets or mealworms is a good way to earn their affection.

What does crested geckos’ droppings look like?

Crested Gecko

Crested geckos’ droppings vary in sizes and colors, depending largely on what they eat. If a gecko eats a lot, then there would be more droppings than usual. Crested geckos, when defecate usually excrete a small amount of urine.

A health crested gecko’s poop consists of three parts, white urine, urates and then droppings, which must should also be white to indicate that nothing wrong is going on.

Are crested geckos endangered?

Crested Gecko

As surprising as it may sound, crested gecko is actually an endangered species. Although many of you would say that its ubiquity speaks otherwise, such widespread presence only belongs to the captive ones, not those in the wild.

The species of C. belepensis of crested gecko is critically endangered, while the species of C. ciliatus is considered as vulnerable. To make matter worse, habitat loss and the presence of invasive species from outside are threatening crested gecko in profound ways.

Do crested gecko hibernate?

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Hibernation or brumation for geckos is a type of winter withdrawal for crested geckos. In such period, crested geckos, instead of slipping into a deep sleep like other hibernating animals, opt for a reduction in their activities.

More specifically, crested gecko when brumate would eat less than usual and as a result, stop growing or grow very slowly due to the decrease in nutritions. However, you could alternate crested geckos’ behavior by using artificial heating and lights to make them think that they are not in winter time.  Yet, such tactics are not strongly recommended as they would jeopardize the geckos’ natural patterns.

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Can crested geckos see red light?

Crested geckos are tetrachromatic, so they could see red light without difficulty. However, red light could produce a lot of heat that could harm the geckos. As a result, you should install a thermostat to make sure that the geckos would not be roasted whatsoever.

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How do crested geckos mate?

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Usually, crested geckos do not mate during winter, they only do so during the warmer months of the year.

When putting a pair of crested geckos in a tank, the male would initiate by discharged a white substance, while the female also excretes a little bit of white discharge.

Then they would be quiet for about 15 minutes before the male starts to seek out the female. When the male gets near, the female starts to shiver a lot and then she would make a squeaky sound. Then the male would get close and the female would shiver like that when the male starts to mate her. After that, she would run away and the process repeats.

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Do crested geckos have teeth?

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You may have noticed that your gecko lacks a very important feature of any animal, it lacks teeth. However, the truth is that gecko does have teeth, it is just that its teeth are very small, too small in fact that sometimes, they hide in plain sight, too unnoticeable to be noticed at all.

With such small teeth, it is not very serious to be bitten by your gecko, though I would not recommend that you try all the time.

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