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What Do Crested Geckos Eat? (20+ Plus Foods You Didn’t Know Before)

Facts about crested geckos

Crested gecko is a specie of gecko endemic in New Caledonia. As a kind of pet, crested gecko is quite easy for beginners as the creature has only some simple, easy to meet requirements.  Though used to be a rare sight, nowadays, crest gecko is a common type of exotic pet for those who want something a little bit more racing than the typical, run-of-the-mill pets.

What do crested geckos eat?

The mainstay of this pet’s meal is insect, preferably, mealworms and crickets, as these insects provide an adequate amount of energy. Crickets is perhaps the best choice, as the insect is now sold commonly in the pet trade. you should select a size where length of cricket equals width of head. Cricket is rich in vitamins and other minerals that prove very conducive to your pet’s health. They should be offered three times a week as a primary diet or once a week as a treat/supplement to the your pet.

As for powdered diet marketed, Repashy Superfoods would be a good choice. The diet is mixed with two parts water and offered in shallow dishes three times a week. The diet is allowed to remain 24 to 36 hours before removal.

How often do crested geckos eat?

As with human, crested gecko’s eating habit is also influenced by a set of many factors like metabolism, body size and age. As such, it would be wise to gauge the number of times your pet could eat every day in order to avoid potential troubles.

Some eat every night, but most tend to eat only a few times a week. Provide food every other night or every third night. In winter, the cold weather would reduce their appetite, and thus, their feeding frequency, while summer increases markedly their metabolism and appetite. Be careful to keep them under 82 degrees at any time. Feeding more dusted bugs in the warmer months may spur growth and help breeding females get enough fat, protein and calcium.

If your pet does stop eating for a while, do not panic, this is because your pet’s metabolism is different from that of other mammals. A healthy crested gecko can go for several weeks without eating. But always have food available during this time. Take them to a vet if you don’t see signs of eating for three weeks, or if they are lethargic or show other signs of illness.

What can crested geckos eat?

In its native land of New Caledonia, crested gecko usually eat fruits with some insects to supplement its diet. However, in your houses, it would be hard to determine which kinds of food the pet can eat. And so, in this guide, we would delve into details of what the creature can consume.  There was a time when captive geckos were fed with baby food mixed with crickets to supplement the creatures in terms of nutrition. However, such diet would eventually lead to nutritional imbalance and would cripple or kill your pet.

Moreover, crested gecko could not also consume food with a high ratio of phosphorus Crested gecko is ectothermic or “cold blooded”. Their blood isn’t really cold, but their energy from food doesn’t have to be spent maintaining their body temperature as in mammals. Mammals also have complex brains that use energy. So a reptile like a crested gecko doesn’t need to eat as much as endotherms animals.

Crested gecko, can consume insects and gecko diet, with sufficient nutrients like fat, protein and vitamins. Just to remember that the insects in question should be rich in calcium and vitamin D3 in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies and nutritional imbalance while at the same time, avoid some potential troubles (like metabolic bone disease) stemming from feeding food with disproportionate ratio of P and C.

What can crested geckos eat in the wild?

Unlike most specie of gecko, this specie is omnivorous, which means it can eat many kinds of food, plants and flesh and fruits are okay. In fact, this species is mainly frugivorous, which means it eats mainly fruits, with some insects added as supplementary source.

What do baby geckos eat?

Baby geckos should be fed small crickets or mealworms each day. It is recommended that the insects in question should not be bigger than the geckos’ heads, as they could choke the poor creatures.   It is also better to feed the insects with food rich in calcium, vitamin and minerals so as to make them more nutritional for the geckos. Or you can coat the insect with calcium powder, less time consuming and more efficient.

Insects could be placed in small shallow dishes so that the baby geckos could climb up and eat without difficulty. There should also a daily ration of fresh water for the geckos, such water could increase the humidity in geckos’ bodies.  If you do not have enough insects then you could resort to Repashy Superfoods, with two parts water mixed in to increase reduce the dependence on insects.

Can crested geckos eat waxworm?

The fatty, humongous waxworm beckons a morbid fascination in many of us. The reason is that with such corpulent body, the worm could contain a veritable source of energy and calorie for you and your pets. And so, the natural question is: “Can crested geckos eat waxworm?” And if can, then how much?

Waxworm is the caterpillar larva of wax moth, an insect with a medium-white body, dotted with small black feet and a black or brown head. The insect starts as a parasite inside a bee colony, eat cocoons and making bees shed their skins and in some cases, chewing through the bee wax. As such, many beekeepers consider it as a kind of pest.  

Interestingly, this kind of pest is considered to be an effective solution to the problem of plastic we are facing today, as it could adequately consume polyethylene plastics. Waxworm is also known to have a very high level of fat, almost 22%, and without much in terms of other nutrients. As such, the insect would not be so much of a good food source for your pet.

As a fat-filled insect, waxworm would be far from being a staple food for your pet, unlike mealworm. As such, it is better to let your pet munch the worm a little on an occasional basis. And it is better to pinch the heads of the worms before serving them to avoid some potential problems along the way. All in all, though waxworm is far from an ideal food for your pet.

Can crested geckos eat vegetables?

Vegetables are no strangers to our daily meal, the fiber rich, verdant plants that contribute their fair share in improving our health. Such is the impact of vegetables that it would not be an overstatement to say that vegetables are here to stay. As such, it would be natural to ask the question: “Can crested geckos eat vegetables?”

Vegetable as you have known, contain a very high level of fiber. For humans, this means that vegetables could contribute greatly in facilitating the digestive system. Moreover, vegetables also have a great amount of vitamins of various kinds like A, B, C that could improve the overall health condition of those who consume.  And surprisingly, vegetables could also be good for bones, as they contain a high level of vitamin K and calcium. Be that as it may, it might not be wise to assume that since vegetable is good for humans, it is going to be good for your gecko.

Crested gecko does not have a functioning Cecum, which is the part of the body that would digest Cellulose, the substance found in fruit and vegetables. In addition, they have a shorter digestive tract, whereas a herbivore has a much longer and acidic digestive tract. As a result, it would be very hard for the creature to consume adequately a large amount of vegie.
As such, it would be better to feed a small amount of vegetable for your pet on occasional basis rather than on regular basis in order to avoid some potential problems.

All in all, though full of nutrients, vegetable is still not considered as a kind of staple food for your gecko as there are too many problems to turn it into a veritable source of food.

Can crested geckos eat tomatoes?

The red, rich and watery fruit that has become somewhat of an indispensable part of our everyday culinary practice. In fact, it would be hard-pressed not to see the presence of tomato anywhere on the Earth. And so, it comes to the natural question: “Can gecko eat tomatoes?”

Tomato, as the redness of its skin suggest, is very rich in vitamin A. Other than that, tomato is also very rich in vitamin C, K and B9. All in all, it is a fruit well-endowed in terms of vitamins and other minerals, especially phosphorus. As a result, tomato is very good for your health.

However, the same could not be said about your gecko. As you can see, tomato has a very disproportionate ratio of phosphorus to calcium, more than 2 to 1, so it would be very difficult for your gecko to consume and digest this fruit. Well, in this post, you will find out more about the prospect of eating tomato for gecko. Stay tuned, because we are going to divulge the ins and outs of this fruit that would determine whether or not it is fit for your pet’s consumption.

As mentioned before, due to the high ration of phosphorus to calcium, it would be better to serve the fruit as a kind of side dish on an occasional basis. Otherwise, your pet could be hard-pressed to consume this fruit. Moreover, it would be better to serve the fruit in small portions to facilitate your pet’s digestion. All in all, though full of nutrients, tomato is still not considered as a kind of staple food for your gecko.

Can crested geckos eat fruits?

Fruits have become something of an indispensable part in human diet. On every corner of this planet, we could find the presence of one or more kinds of fruit either as dessert or an ingredient in someone’s meal. Given such omnipresence, it would be prudent to ask the question: “Can crested geckos eat fruits?”

As you have already known, fruit is a very rich source of nutrients and vitamins, however, as there are so many kinds of food out there it would be very hard to determine which one would be best for gecko. However, there are some indicators, like the ratio of phosphorus and calcium as well as the many species of gecko.

Speaking of species, it would be nice to remember that gecko has many different species. For instance, there are crested geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus), day geckos (Phelsuma spp.) that eat fruits, while on the other hand, many species, like leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) and African fat-tailed geckos (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus), are insectivorous. As such, it would be wise to know your pet beforehand in order to determine the best fruits for them.

In order to make your pet eat fruits, the first step is to determine whether such specie could consume the said fruits. Some species of gecko are insectivorous, so fruits are out of the question. Another step is to ensure that the fruits that you would feed your gecko would be endemic to the environments that it is from, this is to ensure that the gecko would waste no time acculturate with a new kind of food.  All in all, though full of nutrients, fruit is still not considered as a kind of staple food for your gecko.

Can crested geckos eat baby food?

Why would on Earth crested geckos eat baby food? More precisely, why baby food for your pet?

As babies, it comes as no surprise that we are not ready for the tough and rough world of adult food, as a result, baby food is offered for us as a way to boost our still fledgling and at times, still vulnerable constitutions.  Not only that, baby food is also a kind of fast and convenient source of food for busy parents, and so, in some parts of the world, this kind of food has become quite popular.  As such, it piques our interest regarding the question that “Can crested geckos eat baby food?”

Though heralded as nutrition food, baby food, is in fact, quite low in nutrients. A report in The Guardian indicates that baby food has half the nutrition as home-made meals. The only things that are high in this kind of food are calorie and kali , which are not always good appendages for your health to say the least.

Moreover, baby food also does not have so much of a beneficial balance in minerals and vitamins. As such, it would not be a surprise to hear that baby food is far from a heaven sent mana for your beloved pet. This is not to mention the fact that there are many species of geckos that are entirely insectivorous, which means that they would not appreciate the fact that they are fed this kind of food.

As mentioned before, this kind of food is not a good alternative source of nutrients for your pet, so it would be better to tread carefully and avoid it if possible. However, if you find no alternative, baby food could still munch a little bit of this food. Other than that, it would be better to find some insects or other fruits to feed your pet. All in all, it is better to know that you should not waste too much of your time trying to feed your pet this kind of food, as in the long or short run, it would still be out of depth in providing your gecko with a healthy source of food.

Can crested geckos eat apple?

Apple is probably one of the most popular fruit you can find anywhere in the world. This makes us, reptile pet owners, wonder can crested geckos eat apple? Look no further, in this post, you will find out the answer. The first thing you need to know is, for a medium-sized apple, it has less than 100 calories. There is no fat, sodium and cholesterol – sounds like a heaven food. Moreover, that medium-sized apple also contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, or 17% of the recommended daily intake for American individuals.

Consuming an apple a day may help you with digestion and lose weight. Also rich in vitamin C (approximately 14% of daily intake), apple is the best fruit you can have on the market. Although apple, as a very nutritious food and rich in dietary fiber and quite free of many dubiously nutritious substances like cholesterol. Be that as it may, gecko has different metabolism from that of human, so it might be a challenge to how apple would suit bearded dragon and at what degree.

As has already been known, apple is a fruit rich in nutrition, but due to some very fundamental differences between the digestive system of human and that of gecko. That is not to mention the fact that there are many species of geckos all over the place. For instance, there are crested geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus), day geckos (Phelsuma spp.) that eat fruits, while on the other hand, many species, like leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) and African fat-tailed geckos (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus), are insectivorous.

And more so, gecko also demands that a kind of food should have twice as much calcium as phosphorus. So apple, with 13.8 mg phosphorus and 7.5 mg calcium for every 125 g of the fruit is not quite an appropriate kind of food to be served as a main dish. It is still ok to serve apple as a side dish, on an occasional basis with small portions in each serving. All in all, your pet could consume apple, though it is better to serve this fruit on irregularly.

Can crested geckos eat mealworms?

Although called a worm, mealworm, in actuality, is a baby black beetle. This insect has been around for long and it has become something quite indispensable in human life. From an exotic pet, to food for human as well as for other pets, mealworm is all there. And so, it would be natural to ask the question: “Can crested geckos eat mealworms?”

Mealworm could be used as food for human and pets, so it comes as no surprise that the insect must contain at least a minimum amount of fat and protein.  In fact, mealworm is quite rich in fat and protein with 13 g of fat and 20g of protein for every 100 g of mealworm. Moreover, 100 g of this insect also contain a quite high level of calorie (223). As a result, the insect would be a very rich source of energy for your pet.

First and foremost, you should feed mealworm for your gecko in a shallow feeding dish in order to ensure that the pet would not have any difficulty getting the food. Moreover, by placing mealworm in such dish, you could ensure that your gecko would take its time as long as possible and enjoy its meal to the fullest.  Secondly, it would be better to accompany a dish of mealworm with some kinds of supplementary dishes like apple, carrot and others. This is meant to provide your pet with some more nutrition along with the usual protein. All in all, mealworm could be a staple food, or at least a usual main course for your pet.

Can crested geckos eat strawberries?

Strawberry, the scrumptious, well-endowed fruit that has more or less assumed legendary status. Such reputation is well-deserved given the fruit’s taste and texture that would send you to heaven at the first bite. The remaining question is: “Can gecko eat strawberries?”

Strawberry is a fruit that is very rich in vitamin C, a vitamin that is vital in improving and cementing immune system. Strawberry is also very rich in folate, a vitamin that could facilitate cell growth.  Yet, strawberry has a quite unfavorable ration of phosphorus and calcium. While such ratio is far from disproportionate compared with many other fruits, it could still prevent you from turning this fruit into the main course for your pet.

As mentioned before, due to the high ration of phosphorus to calcium, it would be better to serve the fruit as a kind of side dish on an occasional basis. Moreover, it would be better if you could smash the fruit into tiny and feed them to your gecko in order to facilitate their digestive system. All in all, though full of nutrients, strawberry is still not considered as a kind of staple food for your gecko.

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