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How To Choose The Best Food For My Crested Gecko?

Crested gecko are becoming popular pets. These reptiles were rediscovered in 1994. Before that year, crested geckos were considered extinct.

Nowadays, they are protected by law so no specimen can leave New Caledonia. Breeders around the world keep the population growing. Many people choose crested geckos due to their friendly look.

Companies are developing more products for this little companions. Each brand claims they offer the best combination of ingredients. Crested gecko food is a commonly researched topic. It is difficult to choose the best type of food, let alone the best brand.

Dietary Needs

Crested geckos were discovered in New Caledonia. An island located at the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. In this island, crested geckos feed themselves with fruits and small insects.

In captivity, it is almost impossible to replicate the feeding conditions. There are many factors to consider. The soil, natural light and other environmental conditions influence the feeding. There could be an undiscovered insect that crested geckos consume in their natural habitat. Many factors about the diet remain unknown.

Specialist recommend a diet based on fruit. These little reptiles also need protein that could come from insects. Crested gecko food brands have developed supplements that emulate the regular diet.

Crested geckos have a different metabolism. They only need to eat every third day. Unlike other pets that need to be fed daily and sometimes more than once. Overfeeding a crested gecko could be extremely dangerous for its health.

Ready To Serve

These pre-packed crested gecko food supplements are ready to serve. Fruits are the main ingredient. Depending on the brand and flavor it could include little insects. The ready-to-serve food does not require any extra preparation.

Could be considered as balanced. The texture is rich so the crested gecko enjoys eating it. Some brands put milk and rice into their supplements. The debate about dairy products on crested gecko food is heated. Some consider this is not good for reptiles. Others argue that in the right amount, it could be good.

Pre-packed crested gecko food comes in the right size. The proportions are enough for the reptile to be well fed. It includes vitamin E and and C, necessary for the well development of the crested gecko in captivity.

Powdered Supplements

Owners should mix the powder with water before they serve it. Some use milk or sugar free yoghurt instead of water. It will depend on every owner. These supplements include every ingredient that any good diet should have. Powder mixes are made with fruits. They include the right amount of proteins and vitamins.

These mixes are preferred for most owners. They considered the mixes as balanced and good for the health. However, the portions could be a problem. Feeding a crested gecko could be a challenge. Their metabolism is different. Crested geckos kept in captivity are more vulnerable to disease caused by the food.

Giving the wrong type of food to a crested gecko is extremely dangerous. Overfeeding it could be worse that not feeding it at all. Those that choose to buy powder mixes should be careful not to feed too much.

Insects and Fruit

It is known that crested geckos eat fruit in their natural habitat. Sometimes they hunt and eat small insects or mollusks. So, why not feed them the same at home?

Most products consumed by humans are treated with chemicals. Fruits and vegetables are protected with pesticide. These substances are safe for humans but could be dangerous for crested geckos.  Homemade smoothies could be a once a month treat. It should not be a permanent part of a crested gecko diet.

Small insects and mollusks are not a regular part of the diet. Crested geckos consume this protein on specific occasions. Feeding a crested gecko exclusively with insects is bad for the reptile. However, it could be a good treat once a month. Not all insects make good crested gecko food. Instead of worms, a crested gecko would prefer crickets.

Some brands offer powdered insects. It could be mixed with the regular food to increase the proteins in the diet.

Baby Food

This is an example of what-not-to-feed a crested gecko. People choose this option because it is easier but in the end is damaging for the creature. Products for babies are no appropriate crested gecko food.

These products are never made of real fruit. Instead, brands prepare then with fruit replacements, artificial flavors and sugar. Baby food is mostly made of sugar, which is bad for animals in general. Avoid baby food at all cost. Do not include it in the diet of your crested gecko.

What Is The Best Food Option?

It is impossible to say which brand is better. Also, it is unknown if a presentation is better for the crested gecko than other. Before you choose one for your crested gecko, find reviews. Contact other owners and ask them about their experience. Veterinarians have their preferred brands. A veterinarian will be able to recommend the best type of food.

When you are thinking about crested gecko food, avoid those products that do not benefit your pet. A good diet will make your reptile live longer and happier.

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