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Natural Chemistry Flea Spray For Cats Review

The company origin

Natural Chemistry was founded by Robert Kulperger nearly 30 years ago. Starting from pool water purification, the brand has expended itself to other industries, including pet care as we see today. Throughout its history, Natural Chemistry has acquired many technology companies to enrich its portfolio of licenses, which makes it a solid chemical manufacturer.

Among its good brand name is pool industry, Natural Chemistry also earns some reputation in the pet care industry. Its flagship product is an anti-flea spray for cats, dogs, and in-house uses. The best thing about Natural Chemistry flea spray for cats is that it’s made for cats, and works excellently on the animal. It has a separate spray for dogs, so you don’t have to be afraid of allergy for your beloved meow-pal.

Natural Chemistry Flea Spray ingredients

The spray contains natural cinnamon oil, clove oil, and cedarwood oil, which make it smell good for both human and cat. The active ingredients remain unmentioned, but it undoubtedly not consists of pyrethrins – which is an ingredient that kills flea on dogs but toxic for cats.

Other ingredients you can find in this anti-flea spray are water, soap, Glycerin, Myristic Acid, which accounts for 99%, the remaining is active ingredients mentions above. Together, they are handy to get rid of fleas, ticks,, and mites.

Natural Chemistry Flea Spray side effects

It seems that the product has no side effects. But sometimes, cat itself doesn’t like the smell. Each spray contains so much water content, which can make your cat wet a little bit. You can overcome this by using a flea comb, spray on it and spread over the cat’s body. This way can eliminate fleas very quickly and comfort your cat.

Another thing to notice is that one spray can provide one-week protection against parasites. We think this is a very honest act of the company, as others usually say protection can last several months. No way one such product can do that. So you will need to spray once a week until all fleas are gone from your cat. And declare war again if they come back.

Is it safe for cats?

As we said above, Natural Chemistry has dedicated products for cats and dogs (unlike other brands use one anti-flea spray for both). So it’s completely safe. Not only so, but it also smells good and doesn’t make your cat irritated.

Where can I buy?

This is another question asked by many cat lovers. As Natural Chemistry Flea Spray is a top-rated product, you can buy it at any pet store. But for convenience, best price and fast delivery, we suggest you can buy the spray on Amazon.

The Vet’s Best brand actually establishes a very serious business with Amazon, with a dedicated page to display all their products. This means you can get the lowest price while not worrying about counterfeits. All Prime members have the spray shipped to their home within a day or two.

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Natural Flea Spray for Cats Reviews

This is one of the anti-flea sprays that can work for cats and kittens. In our post about best flea treatments for cats, we have mentioned that you shouldn’t use chemical-based flea killer products. But Natural Flea Spray is safe to use on kittens.

Besides all functional features that can really kill fleas, the spray smells good, is cat and kid-friendly.

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Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray for Cats Reviews

The product is quite similar to its fellow above. But as its name suggests, you can use the anti-flea spray not only on your cat but also around the house. It can be used on furniture, sofa, carpet or anywhere you think flea are hiding.

We suggest you get all of these two products to provide total flea control for your cat. It’s also adviced that you spray Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet & Bedding Spray on a cat flea comb and spread it over the body. And remember not use on kittens or old cats, as it might make your pet irritated.

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We hope you can get a load of information about Natural Chemistry Flea Spray For Cat from this post. We’re happy to help, feel free to leave comments below if you have any question.

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