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Why on Earth would you use cat flea spray?

As a cat’s owner, you won’t be able to stand watching your little pet scratching him/herself against the wall, suffering itching from fleas and ticks. Yet, you must act immediately to stop this happen. Cat flea spray is the savior of the day.

How does it work?

Compared to other flea control treatments for cats, spray products work very effectively. It can kill almost any adult flea on contact. The same thing happens to flea eggs and larvae left on cat’s skin. The methodology cat flea spray uses simple: active ingredients do the job. In another word, the product can chemically eliminate those parasites out of your beloved pet.

We’re happy to say that most of current flea spray products for cats on the market work in the same way. But some high-end ones can offer more, such as long-lasting prevention or soothe flea bites. Depending on your needs, you can choose according to the product.

Advantages & Side effects

We said it “effective,” but how effective cat flea spray is? Here are some advantages you can have when choosing this method:

  • Convenient: Only two steps involved in the process: spray and pray. Just kidding! But it’s true. You spray on over your cat’s body, especially on the back or at the base of the tail. Then just let it go. The active ingredients will do the job immediately, even your cat can’t notice.
  • Effective: Here comes the fun part. Cat flea sprays are designed to get rid of flea of any development stage: adult, teen, larvae, eggs, you name it. The method also prevents future flea infection, which can last several months afterward.
  • $$$ – It’s really inexpensive for such a good product like this.
  • Multi-purpose: The spray not only works on cats but also on your home’s surfaces, such as carpet, sofa or anywhere you think fleas are there. Because of that, the product is cat and human-friendly.

The only side effect we can name here is the smell, your cat’s nose may notice this. But for all selected products in our list, you may not want to bother it.

Precautions when using flea spray

In spite of least disadvantage, you still need to keep in mind some things. You must avoid specific ingredients in the cat spray like Pyrethroids or Permethrin. These chemicals are designed for dogs, and highly toxic to cats.

Another thing to note is that, if you want to utilize the spray to use in your home, make sure it leave no stain or discoloration. You would want an anti-flea cat spray that doesn’t leave any stains or marks on sofa, carpets or desk.

All hail the best cat flea sprays.

Vet’s Best Flea And Tick Spray

One of the most popular anti-flea product for cats. And it actually does the job very well. The spray is made in the USA, with all natural and certificated ingredients, accompanied by proven formulas. Together, Vet’s Best Flea And Tick Spray is the best choice to get rid of those annoying parasites.

It seems not to work well with ticks, however. In some cases, the ticks still survive after the treatment. So if your cat gets a severe problem with ticks, we don’t think the Vet’s Best spray can solve it ultimately.

For more in-depth review, you can check out post: Vet’s Best Flea And Tick Spray For Cat Review

Natural Chemistry Flea Spray

Anti-flea spray products from Natural Chemistry work really well on eliminating a wide range of cat parasites, including fleas, ticks,, and mites. It kills them immediately on contact. A considerable advantage of Natural Chemistry flea spray is that you can use it safely on kittens and even furniture.

They have two separate products, one for cats and one for in-house use. We suggest you get both of them for total flea control, making sure those parasites won’t hurt your cat and stay in your home anymore.

For more in-depth review, you can check our post: Natural Chemistry Flea Spray For Cats Review

We hope you can get a load of information about the best cat flea sprays from this post. We’re happy to help, feel free to leave comments below if you have any question.

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