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What is cat dandruff?

Just like we humans, cats can have dandruff. If you see some white flakes or visible sores or irritations on your cat’s skin, chances are he/she may have it. Itching from cat dandruff can make your pet scratch its skin so much, that even leaves damages. You can’t just stand watching your little cat suffering from it, right?

Why has my cat got so much dandruff?

The cause of dandruff in cats usually come down to one of these following elements: nutrition, health/allergy or parasites.

Diet: What your cat eats everyday effect its health, including dandruff problem. These flakes may come when your cat’s skin is so dry and flaky, due to lack of Omega-3. Common cat foods have additional Omega-3, but in some cases, your pet still lacks it. Insufficient hydration may cause dandruff, too. Let him/her drink occasionally, or well-cover your cat under the dry weather.

Parasites: One of the most common causes of dandruff in cats is parasite: fleas, worms, or mites. Their biting makes your cat’s skin allergic, which triggers dandruff.

Allergies: As said above, besides parasites, other factors that make your cat-allergic can cause skin flakes. You need to see a veterinarian if your cat’s dandruff problem falls into this case.

Wait, are those flea eggs or dandruff?

Under naked eyes, you might see flea eggs and dandruff are the same. But here is the difference:

Flea eggs are not sticky so they won’t stick on your cat’s fur. This means you will hardly see flea eggs on your’s pet hair, they are actually on its skin.

Meanwhile, white flakes that appear on cat’s hair are actually dandruff. Because they are thin, light and in different shapes, cat dandruff can stick on the hair for hours.

How do you get rid of your cat’s dandruff?

Changes in daily food consumption can help improve your cat’s dandruff problem. Add Omega-3 rich food and let your pet drink more frequently are good ways to do the job. In some cases, you might need a special shampoo to wash off dandruff flakes and prevent them from coming back on your cat.

Meanwhile, you can use cat dandruff brush to remove all these white flakes from your cat’s fur.

The best cat dandruff brushes you can buy

Honbay Flea and Lice Comb

Honbay comb is the less inexpensive ones in our list. For the same price, you’ll get 4 of those. The comb is simple to use and simply does the job. It’s actually made to remove fleas and eggs, but you can use it to brush away dandruff on your cat.’

One big downside of Honbay comb is it lacks handle. So you may have difficulty in using, especially those with overactive cats.

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Oster Animal Care Comb

In contrast with other cat dandruff brushes on the market, Oster Animal Care Comb has a unique design, which makes it very easy to grab the comb in your palm. Its adjacent teeth work perfectly to remove anything that shouldn’t be on your cat’s hair, including dandruff, dirt and other parasites.

Another good thing about the product is that the teeth are specially designed to turn 90 degrees away from the skin so that it can prevent raking while combing your cat. He/she won’t feel a thing!

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Zelta Dandruff Removal Comb

The Zelta comb is made of the highest quality material, as plastic handle, and zinc alloy comb teeth. The product is handy to remove dandruff flakes, as well as fleas and eggs. Its ergonomic design is a big plus: though small size, but you can grip the handle firmly and brush your cat’s fur comfortably. Just like the above product, Zelta Dandruff Removal Comb also has rounded-head teeth.

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We hope you can get a load of information about all the cat dandruff brushes from this post. We’re happy to help, feel free to leave comments below if you have any question.

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