The fatty, humongous waxworm beckons a morbid fascination in many of us. The reason is that with such corpulent body, the worm could contain a veritable source of energy and calorie for you and your pets. And so, the natural question is: “Can crested geckos eat waxworm?” And if can, then how much?

Facts about waxworm and crested gecko

Waxworm is the caterpillar larva of wax moth, an insect with a medium-white body, dotted with small black feet and a black or brown head. The insect starts as a parasite inside a bee colony, eat cocoons and making bees shed their skins and in some cases, chewing through the bee wax. As such, many beekeepers consider it as a kind of pest.  

Interestingly, this kind of pest is considered to be an effective solution to the problem of plastic we are facing today, as it could adequately consume polyethylene plastics.

Waxworm is also known to have a very high level of fat, almost 22%, and without much in terms of other nutrients. As such, the insect would not be so much of a good food source for your pet.

How to feed your crested gecko with waxworm properly?

As a fat-filled insect, waxworm would be far from being a staple food for your pet, unlike mealworm. As such, it is better to let your pet munch the worm a little on an occasional basis.
And it is better to pinch the heads of the worms before serving them to avoid some potential problems along the way.

Conclusion – Can crested geckos eat vegetables?

All in all, though waxworm is far from an ideal food for your pet.


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