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9 Things To Read Before You Buy Crested Gecko Tanks

Eyelash gecko is another name for the crested gecko. Its scientific name is correlophus ciliates. It is indigenous to New Caledonia. Crested geckos are not high maintenance. Setting up their habitat is not costly. Elaborate set-ups for the gecko’s cage add to the ambiance of a room.

Your crested gecko needs the right cage to feel comfortable. The cage should be suitable for more than just keeping your pet. You need to be able to transport it too. Different reptiles need different environments and habitats. Choosing the right cage is vital, so that it lasts a long time. Crested gecko tanks are made of different types of materials.

This can range from clear glass, open mesh to lightweight plastic. You can buy a glass tank from many pet stores. crested gecko tanks can come with a screen top and ventilation. Many cages have a natural looking terrarium. Soil and plants create the natural look for terrariums.

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When buying a crested gecko tank, what do you consider?

1. How often you travel with your crested gecko

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

When purchasing a crested gecko tank is important to think about durability. The cage should be able to last for a long time. A glass made tank may have a habitat inside while a mesh cage may only have the basics.

If you travel a lot, you need to buy a lightweight cage with handles. The best material for this type of cage is plastic. A mesh cage is also not very heavy. Handles on a mesh cage make it convenient to carry around. Glass cages are better for display purposes.

2. The size and measurements of your crested gecko

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

A crested gecko tank is a misnomer. You can keep most reptiles in the same type of cage. The size of the reptile is a big consideration when buying a cage. There are many size options for cages. If you have a young crested gecko, consider its size when fully grown.

The same cage should be able to accommodate your crested gecko when fully grown. Your gecko shares the cage with the set up for its habitat. The cage should to be big enough for a humidifier, UV light, feeding dish, soil, and plants if it has a terrarium.

A small cage will make life uncomfortable for your pet. It will not have enough space to relax. A small cage means you cannot fit the crested gecko’s environment in with the reptile. Things like hiding rocks, bedding and accessories will not fit. A cage made of glass can become airtight and threaten the life of your crested gecko. This assumes it is fully enclosed.

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3. Ease with which you can clean the cage

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

As a responsible crested gecko owner, you have to clean its cage regularly. While you clean the cage, you have to secure the crested gecko. A special leash is usually used. Reptile cages come with special access designed to clean the cage. They are located at the bottom and front of the cage.

The type of material used to make the cage is a factor in cleaning. Many reptile cages are made of plastic and glass. Plastic and glass reptile cages are easy to clean. Mesh cages are harder to clean in comparison.

4. The state of the crested gecko tank

What crested gecko eat?

This simply means the condition the cage is in when you buy it. Is it new? Is it used? Does it need repairs? Is it in good condition? Some crested gecko owners may want a new cage versus a used one.  The condition in this context varies widely. A used cage may be more affordable than a new one.

However, there are greater considerations that cost when buying a cage.  A seller may not be reputable and sell you an infected cage. Parasites in the cage can harm your crested gecko.  For this reason, you should consider buying a new cage.

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5. The safety of you crested gecko

How often do crested geckos eat?

Reptiles, crested geckos included, as curious creatures. They like to hide and move around. If your cage is not secure, they will get out. This is a big concern, particularly if you travel a lot. Imagine your crested gecko getting out in transit. Chances are, that is the last you will ever see it again. If you are buying a glass tank, get one with considerable height. The crested gecko can get out of a short tank by climbing on its plants.

6. The set up you desire

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

You may wish to use the crested gecko tank as a decorative element in your home. A glass terrarium offers the best option. An elaborate terrarium set up brings an outdoor element to your home. You can buy a glass tank that has already been set up in a pet store.

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Important information about housing your crested gecko

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

A crested gecko has only a few requirements. The very minimum you should provide is:

1. Water

You should provide your crested gecko with a source of water. You can spray it daily with water in addition to providing a water bowl. You need to maintain humidity in the cage to make it easier for the crested gecko to shed.

2. The right food

You should provide a well-balanced and stable diet. You can buy food at the pet store or make it yourself at home.

3. Allow for a hiding spot in the cage

You can use real or manufactured environment to provide a hiding spot. Crested geckos need this to feel safe. They do this by hiding in moist places.

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