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5 Factor To Consider If You Want To Buy A Crested Gecko Cage

Either keeping or transporting your crested gecko, a cage is one of the most useful items you will buy. High quality cages give your little reptile a sense of belonging and security.

As you already know, reptile pets generally, or crested geckos require much different caring and habitat conditions. So it’s very important to choose a good cage for long-term usage.  You can choose crested gecko cages from a variety of materials and sizes, ranging from lightweight plastic to transparent glass, or open-air mesh. Some cages have additional features to assist owners in cases.

Here are 5 factors to consider when buying a crested gecko cage.

1. Crested gecko cage size and measurements

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

In fact, there is no such thing called crested gecko cage. Because you can keep most of the reptile pets in the same cage type. The only factor to consider here is its size.

Retile cages come in many different sizes, measured by inch. It is extremely important that you choose a cage that will accommodate your crested gecko comfortably. Because your pet will live with other habitat setups like a humidifier, UV light or feeding bowl.

It’s advised that you should choose a medium to large size cage for crested geckos. Never buy a small one, even if it is more affordable.  A cage that is too cramped for your reptile pets could cause many other problems, mostly lack of space for hides, rocks, bedding or other accessories. In some rare cases, small cages are too air-tight for crested gecko to live in.

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2. Crested gecko cage condition

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

Condition when buying things is a very broad topic. It comes with no problem when you buy a brand new cage. But for some reptile owners, they may want to choose used ones.  

It’s not as just as “good condition” to buy a used reptile cage, especially from unknown sellers. Old crested gecko cages may carry parasite and transfer illness to your pet.  So it’s wise to buy a brand new cage. You will save more money in the long run.

3. How easy to clean the cage

It is crucial to clean a crested gecko cage properly after several weeks. And reptiles are not like dogs; you can’t just get them out of the cage, clean it then let him in. You must have a special reptile leash to do that.

That’s why cages designed specifically for reptile are equipped with front or below door. You can easily access and clean inside out.

The materials that made up crested gecko cage are also a factor to consider. As you may know, glass or plastic is most widely used. And it’s for a reason: easy to clean. Mesh-cages are good, but when it comes to cleaning, you will have to put out some efforts.

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4. Do you transport so often?

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

This is a very important factor if you want to buy a good crested gecko cage for the long term. To be honest, a reptile cage looks nothing than a glass-made tank. But when you set up the habitat for your pet, it will be a lot of stuff there.

So, if you travel frequently, choose a cage that has handles or lightweight, plastic-made is the best. Or else, you can choose glass-made or mesh cages for your crested gecko. This type of cage is also suitable for display purpose.

5. Don’t forget safety

Reasons to buy crested gecko leashes

Reptiles are curious, and they will find a way to get out of your cage (somehow!). Mesh cages for crested gecko should have lock to secure the doors. For glass tank, remember to choose ones that have height a few times higher than the lowest spot.

This will ensure your little reptile buddy to stay in the cage when you sleep.

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