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7 Factors You Should Consider When Buying Bearded Dragon Substrate (And How To Setup Beardie Terrarium Properly)

We are too often taken to consider that for every animal to feel secure, then the environment within which they live should be warm but this becomes very different when the subject changes to be that of the bearded dragons. A very dry substrate would serve to be quite uncomfortable, while too marshy one tends to bring soaking effect to these reptiles, still making them feel uncomfortable.

A bearded dragon substrate that is rough may harm the bearded dragon, making them suffer much constrain when moving about. This will result in additional cost, where the owner will be required while making an appointment with the vet, to come and inspect the nature of the injury alongside and infections that might have risen from that.

The list below indicates how the substrate should be:

It Should Have Intermittent Warmth Moisture.

Since the bearded dragon are in the class of amphibians, then they should be kept in a balanced environment, as their body doesn’t adapt to a given environment, but rather they drift along with the change. It therefore becomes essence for that owner to make the environment both slightly warm and moistened.  This environment becomes one of the best for bearded dragon to grow and feel secure at their zone.

The Chosen Substrate Should Be Free From Piercing Objects.

It is dangerous to keep bearded dragon at the substrate that is torn, and to make it worse, to a point where they show the exposed sharp objects. These objects are in many ways distracting the bearded dragons from moving around their enclosure, thus contributing to their boredom altogether.

In the event where the bearded dragon has excreted, then the owner should be in a position to have the wastes eradicated from the bearded dragon substrate. The good news to the owner is that there are types of bearded dragon substrate that are able to absorb the wastes, thus enabling the bearded dragons to have an environment that is clean.

For this kind of substrates, the owner is however required to make thorough cleaning of the bearded dragon substrate, in order to avoid the menace of having these wastes clog up, shocking the bearded dragon with horrible smell.

It Should Have Hide Out Areas

Just like any other pet, bearded dragon like to live in places where there are several complexity in the environment. With regard to that, the bearded dragon substrate should have hide outs, where they are able to move in hollow and emerge from one side, after having entered from one side. Besides having closets, the substrates should have hideouts, in case the weather starts to be unfavorable due to much heat or cold spell.

Ease of Availability

There are numerous bearded dragon substrates that are available in the local pet’s stores. These serve the bearded dragon both while at the enclosure and while outside. Therefore, the owner of the crested crest gecko should consider whether the bearded dragon substrate will be on the inside or outside the closet.

For that of a bearded dragon inside the enclosure, the owner ought to ensure that it has hideouts, since it will serve as a home for the bearded dragon during those times when it wants to have some time in its serenity. Cleaning of the bearded dragon substrate should be done regularly, with disinfectant that is harmless to the bearded dragon.

This ensures that the gecko remains in a clean environment, yet not having been poisoned in some way during the cleaning process. This provides for a chance for one to spray onto the bearded dragon as well. Below are the factors to consider when determining the cleaning disinfectant for the bearded dragon substrate.

It Should Be Capable Of Eliminating The Odor.

One of the most significant features of a dirty environment is the odor due to decomposition process. The chemical used to clean the bearded dragon substrate ought to get rid of all the horrible smell that may be inhibiting the bearded dragon to live without much pleasure as it ought to be the case under normal circumstances.

It Should Maintain the Freshness for At Least A Few Hours.

Fresh air brings about a healthy sensation, which normally serves as the basis upon which the bearded dragon develops ecstasy to roam about in its enclosure. If the disinfectant applied both eliminates the germs and results in this good environment, then the owner becomes such a pleased person to have the bearded dragon move within the enclosure in a state of bliss.

It Should Be Eco-Friendly

The disinfectant used to clear germs from the crest gecko substrate should be one the one that will not scare away the insects from the flowers, as they serve to be the natural food for these bearded dragons sometimes. This should therefore be a substance that passed the international standards requirements on the materials for to be used as disinfectants.

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