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8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Bearded Dragon Kit (Hint: Very Important For Newbie!)

Having a reptile as your pet provides a new experience most pet owner can’t have. Reptiles provide you the warmth dogs provide, but in a totally different way. Your interaction with your bearded dragon won’t be similar to that of a cat, but it’s appealing all the same. Find out factors matter most when you decide to purchase a bearded dragon kit for your new pet.

1. Space

Small reptile pets don’t ask for much space in your house. Unlike dogs which require small or large cages depending on size, any gecko will fit in a small kit located at a corner in your home. However, these small pets still need some space to breathe and play around with. A bearded dragon requires a kit that is at least 10 inches in length and 15 inches high. But if you want him to feel like in a natural habitat, consider purchasing a slightly bigger kit. You can buy a kit as large as you can afford, but an average sized kit will serve the purpose as well.

2. Kit Environment

Most people don’t know that reptile pets get depressed. Just like dogs and cats suffer from depressions, geckos do as well. The best way to keep your small gecko happy is to keep him in a cage that looks like a natural habitat. Geckos have few ways of killing boredom, not especially when they are confined in a man-made kit. Look out for a kit with a plantation soil. Your pet wants to feel the warmth of sand.

 Geckos enjoy crawling on sand rather than cold cement. The kit’s interior should look natural to the gecko as much as possible. bearded dragons originate from Caledonia, near Fiji. The best kits offer specially designed artwork to give the pet animal the feeling of being at their natural environment. The said environment should include sand and small rocks, live plants and wood.


3. Ease of Cleaning

You want your pet to live in a clean and attractive place. An ideal gecko kit may not have to be large, but it should definitely provide the ease of access needed to maintain cleaning. If you can access the kit, make sure to clean it regularly. Every animal enjoys living in a clean environment, free of its own waste products. Fortunately, geckos produce little excretions. Make sure their environment is ever clean.

4. Ideal Temperatures

Reptiles are cold blooded creatures. They can survive cold temperatures, but that does not mean you should let your pet freeze. Having a thermometer and hydrometer should help you regulate the kit accordingly. Most modern kits will come with a thermometer. Make sure you learn how to use one and to constantly keep the temperatures in your pet’s new home ideal.

5. Durability

Geckos generally live 6-10 years. That is a long time to warrant a durable kit. Make your purchase worthwhile by purchasing a kit that is properly assembled. One advantage of having a gecko as a pet is that they require little maintenance. You don’t have to take him for walks or even to the loos. Simply buy a comfortable, durable kit for him and you may never have to worry about your pet. Geckos don’t eat much also.

6. Cost

Kits for reptile animals can be as expensive as those of dogs. With the attention given to keep a gecko kit natural, the space requirement and durability, expect to pay up to $200 for a kit. Some kits costs even more. You will need to take time and conduct due diligence before you can purchase any kit. Look out for all the important features before you can pay for a kit. Keep in mind that the kit’s comfort should be the biggest factor to look out for. If you can find a sizeable kit, with the natural outlook that will keep your pet gecko comfortable, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

7. Ease of Setting Up

A typical gecko kit will come with about ten accessories and materials. While most of them also contain a guide to help you set it up, gecko kits can be confusing to install. Read the components of the kit, read through online reviews and ask for recommendations to know which kits are easy to set up and maintain. Knowing that you can assemble the kit is important because you will probably need to clean it from time to time.

8. Availability of Supplies

There are few places you can get the right supplies and accessories for a cresto gecko’s supplies. Look for a kit that offers enough food supplies and accessories before you can choose your favorite spot for acquiring these materials. Some of the most important accessories to look out for include suction cups, feeding cups and a humidity gauge. If you can get a water conditioner, a limited supply of food and vitamins, it will be easy to look for the rest of the supplies.

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