Summer is coming, and with it, a whole lot of opportunities to escape the confine of the urban jungles to submerge yourself into the bowel of rest and recuperation from all the hustling and bustling of ordinary life.

This, without doubt, is the time for vacation galore.

And perhaps, the most popular form of vacation is going to the pools or to the beaches to quench the insurmountable heat surrounding each and every one.

More than that, nothing could beat the feeling of submerge yourself into the cool and quite innards of water. Meanwhile, take your time check out this insane video of these insanse sports.

With this in mind, today, we introduce to you the best swim fins that could facilitate people’s journey into the depth of water. These are the tools that could help many to move with ease under water or in many water sports.

The products that we introduce are going to be diverse in their forms, shapes, colors, designs, purposes, and prices. However, altogether, these bring much-needed relief for many people under the heat of summer.

1. Churchill Makupuu Swim Fins

Our first entry is a bodyboard fins that could trace its history to the 1930s. However, history is not our main concern; instead, what we concerns us is how these bodyboard fins could truly reflect and live up to the rich history that runs in its veins.

The first impression that catches the attention of you is perhaps the shape of the swim fins.

Molded after the shape of dolphin’s fins, these bodyboard fins ensures that the users could have “optimum power and acceleration for catching waves.”

True to its words, the swim fins’ unique design does do wonder when it comes to maneuvering under water.

Many have claimed that the swim fins are supple enough to allow them to move without much difficulty.

Not only that, these bodyboard fins also comes to the fore regarding the superior material that makes it. Sturdy and strong, the material allows the swim fins to stay relatively durable against the test of time.

Many customers have said that the swim fins are so durable that they could still function properly after many years.

Nevertheless, such strong and sturdy material does not mean that the swim fins have to sacrifice its mobility. On the contrary, as mentioned before, the swim fins work marvelously and enable users to achieve a relatively great degree of maneuverability under water.

To top things off, the swim fins are also comfortable to wear; one should not feel too much sore when wearing these for a long time.

With so much advantages to speak of, the swim fins are almost perfect if it was not for some blemishes that prevent it from being truly awesome.

The very first problem with these bodyboard fins is about its sizes. Many customers have complained that when they bought the sizes that fit their normal shoes, the swim fins appeared to be smaller or sometimes bigger.

As a result, many have cautioned that you should add or subtract one to half a size for their normal sizes in order to fit the swim fins.

Moreover, there is also a problem about the material of the bodyboard fins. Granted that it is truly amazing in terms of sturdiness and utility, the material does prove to be too hard for some customers’ comfort.

Many of them have said that the swim fins cause their feet to swollen due to the hard surface of the swim fins’ inside.

All in all, despite some scruples regarding sizes and the material, as a whole, these bodyboard fins is a fine choice for those looking for something adequate in terms of quality, durability, and utility.

Though the price tag might be a little stiff for many, such are the experiences that the users shall get in return that such price might not be too tough a nut to crack or stomach.

Pros Cons
_ Strong and sturdy _ The material may be too stiff for some customers
_ Great design giving the product added mobility _ The sizes of the swim fins may be problematic
_ Comfortable to wear

2. US Divers Trek Travel Bodyboard Fin

Our next entry is a compact, but that does not mean that its compact size obviate an ability to pack a punch way above its size.

The first advantage that such compact size could give the users is, without doubt, the ability to store and carry the swim fins with relative ease.

Unlike the longer-fin bodyboard fins with their bulk and weight deterring users from carrying around with ease.

In contrast, with Trek Travel Fin, users could pack the swim fins neatly inside their backpack without having to worry too much about them bulging uncomfortably out of the backpack.

With a weight of only 2.9 pounds, the swim fins are truly a pleasure to carry around on many trips.

The compact size of the bodyboard fins also means that users could have an easier time padding their ways against the currents.

This is because the smaller size of the swim fins allow greater control over their movement, thus allowing swimmers to adjust their directions when swimming.

However, such compact size does not mean that the swim fins have to sacrifice their own comfort.

On the contrary, the inside of the swim fins is designed in such a way that it gives the users (unfortunately only those with commensurately compact feet) great comfort for hours on end.

This factor is further enhanced by the availability of rubber heel strap cinches makes the product a lot more flexible to accommodate users’ feet.

Besides size, the swim fins are also notable for the ease that the users could have when trying to take the fins on or off.

With the aforementioned rubber heel strap, the users could easily remove the fins or put them on with only a few simple actions.

There is going to be no trouble putting these babies on.

To top things off, these bodyboard fins comes with a very competitive price tag. With only a meager amount of money, people could have for themselves one truly amazing bodyboard fins in terms of portability and tractability.

However, there are, of course, some scruples about these bodyboard fins. The first problem is concerned with the fins’ rubber straps.

Although no one doubts the utility of such feature, no one could overlook the fact that the rubber straps could easily loosen and then cause the swim fins to slip out of the swimmers’ feet.

Such is the trade off for comfort and ease in using that many buyers could have a few spasms of compunction before deciding to purchase the swim fins.

On top of that, as mentioned before, the swim fins’ sizes are a bit of a problem for many. If one could choose the right sizes, then the product could be a pleasure on one feet.

Otherwise, it could very well be a dead weight that stifles and causes immense pain for the users.

To make matters worse, the swim fins seem to be smaller than what the manufacturer says. As such, it is highly recommended that users find the sizes that are greater than what they need from ½ to 1.

Last but not least, the compact size, the bodyboard fins’s prime feature, also contains a serious problem. Such a size requires the users to exert greater power than what is needed for longer-fin product to make the fins move.

Those with low cardio or strength could find this to be a little bit unnerving, to say the least.

All in all, Trek Travel Fin is a good product if one could overlook the effort it requires to wear and adequately use it. However, a great price could be just the thing to tip the balance in the product’s favor.

Pros Cons
_ Compact and portable _ The fins’ compact size requires greater strength to use
_ Providing great control for the users _ The sizes of the swim fins may be problematic
_ Competitive price _ The fins could easily slip

3. Swim Fins Cressi AGUA SHORT, Adult Short Fins for Swimming & Snorkeling


Our next entry is a product from Italy, a country famous for fashionable and high-quality items that have caught the world by storm so much for so long.

And true to its country’s reputation, these bodyboard fins is a statement not just about fashion, but also about utility and quality.

The first impression that these bodyboard fins conjures up is undoubtedly its design.

With linings slitting along the bodyboard fins that are further juxtaposed with the dark hue of the foot pockets, the swim fins appear as something totally sleek and cool in its very appearance.

It, the design, is further enhanced by the availability of three fins’ colors to choose from, blue, white, and black. All of these color supplement superbly to the dark hue of the foot pockets while in their own rights, contribute a fair share of appeal to the swim fins.

Appearance aside, such design of the swim fins also has something really awesome to offer, its compactness.

Indeed, the bodyboard fins, like the previous entry on our list, is a compact, light-weight product that allows users to bring it along with them on many occasions without troubles.

This is simply because the product’s short fins and the self-adjusting foot pocket enable the users to pack the whole product into their backpack without leaving it bulging too much outward, thus making the task of carrying the fins a whole lot easier, to say the least.

The compact size of the swim fins does not also mean that the product has to sacrifice comfort on the part of the users. On the contrary, users could wear these fins for a long time without feeling too much as a spasm of pain in their feet.

More than that, such compactness also means that, like in the previous entry, users could have more control over the movement of their feet underwater.

To top things off, the manufacturer also made the short blades with highly reactive and light material that could allow further ease in control and comfort for the users by reducing exhaustion and proving more agility and propulsion underwater.

With so many advantages, the product seems to be almost perfect; yet, once again, like many other entries on this list, the issue of sizes hampers it on the road to perfection.

However, for these swim fins, users have only trouble with fins that are a little bigger than what the manufacturer says on the labels.

This could cause the swim fins to slip off when used, but such cases are few and far between, and the large size of the swim fins does not cause any further discomfort more than the occasional slipping off underwater.

Another problem with the swim fins is that the short fins, despite their superb material, still require more power than the longer fins to operate adequately.

Although this might not be as big a problem as the one we find in the Trek Travel Fin. Still one should not underestimate the gravity of such problem on those with limited cardio and vitality.

All in all, Cressi has brought the users something really awesome, not just in its design, but also in its ability to surprise the users with its superb compactness, the ease in control it gives.

There are still problems, but such blemishes could not damper the glitter of these bodyboard fins.

Pros Cons
_ Compact and portable _ The fins’ compact size requires greater strength to use
_ Providing great control for the users _ The fins may be bigger than expected
_ Sleek design and fashionable _ The fins could easily slip sometimes

4. Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

The next entry has a long and rich history. In fact, people could hear still reverberant echoes of its forefather in the 60s among many seasoned users.

And the common consensus is that the Voit Duct Swim Fins are something to behold with regard to their durability, their performance and the demands they place on users to adequately use them to their fullest capacity.

The first notable thing about Voit Duck Swim Fins is that the product provides swimmers with tremendous propulsion.

This is achieved by using superb material that is light as it is sturdy.

To top things off, the design of the fins, by making them more refined and firm, also aids a great deal in providing further propulsion force for the users.

And the final result is the swim fins that is great in terms of its performance underwater, and many have considered it to be suitable for life guards in their duties.

Such is the power and performance of these bodyboard fins that it should not be trifled with. One just needs from two to four months to get fully accustomed to these bodyboard fins and then its potentials could be felt.

Besides its performance, the swim fins also offers the users great comfort, provided that the users find the right sizes for their feet. With compact, but smooth and soft foot pockets, the fins could enable the users wearing the right sizes with tremendous comfort.

There would be no toe blisters or any foot injuries even if one wears the swim fins for hours on end. This is truly something to be impressed about, to say the least.

To top things off, these bodyboard fins also offers the user great durability. In other words, one could expect the fins to stay durable for years of sustained use under adverse conditions.

However, for all of the advantages, there are catches that users must be aware. The swim fins is comfortable as mentioned above. However, such comfort could only be achieved by those with well-conditioned legs and thin toes.

This is because the feet pockets are really narrow that those without such conditions could end up finding their feet strained to the point of unbearable pain. Toe blisters or other afflictions could fall upon users without the required conditions.

Moreover, the product is suitable for some particular purposes that include body surfing and boogie boarding. However, the same thing could not be said about scuba diving.

Due to the stiffness and relative difficulty in control of the swim fins, users could have a hard time navigating around with heavy scuba tanks on their backs.

And last but definitely not least, the swim fins poses another problem for users, and this time it’s about the price.

With up to a high price range to afford, many potential buyers could surely have a few painful spasms when considering whether or not the many advantages worth such a hefty price tag.

The fact that the bodyboard fins only serves well with a niche portion of users also confound you even further.

All in all, Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins is an awesome swim fins if one could truly satisfy the demands that it bring forth; otherwise, it is better to move onto another product that better suits the users regarding sizes and cost.

Pros Cons
_ Great propulsion _ The fins could only serve well for some purposes
_ Relative comfort for those with the right sizes of feet _ Narrow foot pockets
_ Great durability _ Hefty price tag

5. Hydro Tech 2 Ocean Swim Fins

Our next entry is a heavy hitter in terms of price and credentials.

The winner of Australian Design Award, these bodyboard fins is something not to be trifled with, and indeed, it gives the users more than what they could ask for.

The first thing that these swim fins give off, at first sight, is undoubtedly, its sleek and cool looking design.

The product has blended the foot pockets with its fins so seamlessly that one must wonder how the fins could be operate at all.

Such blending of the two parts seems to be successful in giving the users something that is very impressive in its appearance.

To top things off, the many colors that the users could choose from perfectly supplement for the sleek design.

Together, colors and design, weave into one another to create a syncretic mold that knows how to enchant the users with ease.

Appearance aside, the bodyboard fins also excels in the design of its fins. Made from the so called T-Form material, a form of silicon, the product provides unparalleled comfort when wearing, all thanks to the softness of this material.

Such comfort, in turns, keeps the users away from getting toe blisters or other affliction that could prevent the users from enjoying their days at the fullest.

In fact, with these swim fins on, the users could expect to withstand for hours on end without fearing too much about pain or anything else.

Moreover, this material also offers a superbly flex characteristics. Coupling with the ergonomic nature of the foot pockets, users could now move with relative ease under water, maneuvering their feet without so much difficulty and with so much freedom of movement.

This comes as a boon for those who have to find themselves in treacherous waters that could render many swim fins numb to their commands.

With so many advantages, the bodyboard fins finds itself plagued with many problems that prevent it from becoming perfect. The first problem of these swim fins, like those that afflict other entries on this list, is about the sizes.

In other words, the swim fins require users to choose sizes that are larger than what they need or expect in order for them to fit; otherwise, blisters and pain could very well be the norm for those not cautious enough.

Another problem with these bodyboard fins is the fact that it could not float on water. In brief, due to its sheer weight, the swim fins could hardly keep floating.

This is truly a real problem because when the swim fins slip off users’ feet, they could sink and there would hardly be an opportunity for people to retrieve the swim fins.

And last, but definitely not least, the swim fins come at an extremely high price. With a little high price tag, these bodyboard fins proves to be so prohibitive to many people that potential buyers could very be shunned off from even considering to buy it in the first place.

In conclusion, the Hydro Tech 2 Swim Fins is a product that goes above and beyond what other pedestrian swim fins could offer on the market.

However, such superb inclination entails a price that enables only a few niche customers to enjoy such a marvel, to say the least.

Pros Cons
_ Great propulsion and freedom of movement _ Hard to float
_ Relative comfort for those with the right sizes of feet _ Sizes problems
_ Extremely sleek design _ Extremely high price tag

6. Churchill Makapuu PRO Swim/Bodyboard Fins – Performance. With Neoprene insert and Tethers included (Medium/Large)

Our next entry emerges as something extraordinary in terms of its quality and its design.

However, unlike many entries on this list, such high quality does not entail a myriad of problems that plague the bodyboard fins as extensively as the other swim fins.

And so, these bodyboard fins comes off as something really unique in its relative perfection and absolution.

Made by the famed Churchill Makapuu line, the swim fins inherit many sterling qualities of its forebears.

The first advantage of the bodyboard fins is undoubtedly its sleek and beautiful dolphin-fin design.

Such a design exudes outward a sense of coolness and impression that few could compete as competently.

Moreover, such a design serves not only the aesthetic aspect of the bodyboard fins, but it also serves the technical and utilitarian sides of the swim fins well.

As with the first entry, the dolphin-shaped fins allow the users to give a bang for their bucks of effort. In other words, with such a shape, the swim fins could provide enhanced thrust power and acceleration to the users underwater.

To top things off, the fins, while providing great thrust and propulsion, does not require the users to sacrifice much of their own effort or vitality to control the movements of the swim fins.

On the contrary, the swim fins allow many users to enjoy a scuba dive without asking too much of their strength in order to operate the swim fins successfully.

On top of that, the swim fins have foot pockets that are wide enough to accommodate big-sized feet without giving the users cuts or sores or any other afflictions.

Another added result is that the capacity to accommodate of the feet pockets means that the swim fins could give users a great deal of comfort.

Such comfort could last for well over hours one ends, making the swim fins all the more desirable for many.

The sizes and the comfort that such sizes give are really a boon for many people who have trouble with finding the suitable swim fins for their oversized feet.

And finally, these bodyboard fins provides Fin Tethers that could secure the swim fins adequately and firmly enough that users could have no trouble when surfing or diving for they could relieve themselves from the fear of losing the fins at the heat of the moments.

With all of these awesome attributes, it comes as no surprise that the swim fins demand a high price in order to enjoy their many amazing features.

Yet, for so many things gained, the price tag seems to be fair game. Indeed, you could have more than what they ask for, by simply having more bangs for their bucks with these bodyboard fins.

Pros Cons
_ Great propulsion and freedom of movement _ High price
_ Relative comfort
_ Extremely sleek design
_ Could be secured firmly on users’ feet

7. Ally ERS4 Swim Fins

The next entry is another great choice for those who want to have a product that is excellent in terms of utility, but who could dispense a great amount of money to achieve such utility.

At first glance, Ally ERS4 is pedestrian, if not unimpressionable. With only black and blue to cover the pair of swim fins.

Many fashion buffs would be undoubtedly put off by such an unimpressive display of appearance.

To top things off, the bodyboard fins is designed in such a way that gives off no indication of elaboration in terms of outward appearance.

However, one should not judge a pair of swim fins by its design, for Ally ERS4’s rugged appearance could conceal the refined features that make it so great in terms of the usefulness it shall offer users.

Indeed, Ally ERS4’s strengths lie not in its ability to impress by the use of sight, but by its ability to impress by the use of substance.

And the first thing that emerges from this unseemly bodyboard fins is the material from which it comes into being.

Made from natural rubber, Ally ERS4 offers the users a sense of lightness and softness on their feet.

So much so that many people feel that wearing the swim fins for hours on end underwater or walking on the beach engenders no noticeable spams of agony on their parts.

There would be no blisters or ulcer even if one wears the swim fins for a long time. Such comfort could be a great boon to many, to say the least.

However, the swim fins’ material is not just about comfort; it is also about the ability of the swim fins to float above the surface.

This ability might seem to be utterly useless, but on the contrary, it could reduce the chances that the swim fins could sink and disappear for good.

Material aside, Ally ERS4 also excels at the design of its foot pockets. In short, the foot pockets are made in such a way that they could ensure wide space for users’ feet.

This is truly a boon for those with oversized feet who could have a lot of troubles choosing the right sizes of swim fins.

This very strength also sets Ally ERS4 apart from its many competitor by providing adequate space that could accommodate a wide array of foot sizes.

And last but not least, the swim fins are also given drainage exit holes, thus allowing Ally ERS4 to have adequate exit for sand and gravel.

This puny feature is disproportionately useful for many. One simple reason is that this feature could keep the users’ feet from the pesky sand and gravel that could make their feet uncomfortable, thus allowing the users to enjoy their dives a little bit longer.

With so many strengths, Ally ERS4 could very well be perfect, if it was not for some small blemishes on the way. The first problem with these bodyboard fins is about its size.

Granted that the big size of the foot pockets provide a lot of space for those with oversized feet.

However, in many cases, such a boon could cause the swim fins to easily slip off and to get lost underwater. This is not a very welcome prospect for many people without doubt.

And the second problem with ERS4 is its high price. It could be too high an order for many buyers, thus making the product less of a compelling choice, especially for those on shoestring budgets.

All in all, ERS4 is a rugged diamond that hide its beauty under the cloak of unseemliness. Yet, if one could overlook its look, then the bodyboard fins could give one a bigger bang for one’s bucks.

Pros Cons
_ Great material that could provide comfort and floating ability _ High price
_ Useful drainage exit holes _ Sometimes, the swim fins are too wide and could easily slip off
_ Size of the foot pockets provide space for those with oversized feet _ Unimpressive design

8. Swim Fins Cressi PLUMA, Full Foot Lightweight Fins for Diving & Snorkeling – 100% made in Italy

The next entry is a bodyboard fins from Italy. True to its country of origin’s reputation for superb-quality product and good-looking design, Cressi PLUMA is undoubtedly the sum of all the parts that make Italy so great a manufacturer.

The first thing that would, without doubt, catches the attention of the users is the extremely sleek and cool design that exudes confidence in its very own shape and form.

To top things off, the manufacturer also produces Cressi PLUMA in three sets of colors to supplement for its design.

These colors are truly amazing in the way they blend seamlessly into the bodyboard fins without depriving too much of what the sleek design has to offer.

Looks aside, the swim fins also does a great job regarding the comfort that they give to the users.

The foot pockets are designed in a way that allow great capacity for the users.

In brief, users would have little trouble finding the fins that fit their feet.

Even those with oversized feet, the swim fins still do a superb job in providing enough space inside the foot pocket to prevent many people from having blisters or ulcers or any other afflictions.

On top of that, Cressi PLUMA also offers something very amazing, its fins.

The fins are designed with strong and sturdy material that could withstand powerful currents.

However, what makes the bodyboard fins so amazing is the fact that the fins do not sacrifice even a little bit of its ease in controlling.

In other words, the stiff and strong fins do not prevent the users from execute complex maneuvers underwater.

On the contrary, many have complimented about the ability of Cressi PLUMA in giving the users nearly complete control over their movements.

On top of that, the swim fins also provide added strength for users, thus allowing them to move with even greater ease than ever.

The cherry on top is that, despite all those amazing features, Cressi PLUMA, depending on sizes, fits small budget.

This price is well within the range with which many could afford without much difficulty or dead weight upon their budgets.

However, as good as such impressions on you, Cressi PLUMA, according to many people, suffers from an inconsistency in terms of durability.

Granted that the bodyboard fins is designed with stiff and strong material; nevertheless, this could not cloud the fact that there are many cases in which the swim fins just break down completely regardless of how much they are used.

To make matters worse, there are reports that such incidence could happen between two and four months.

This is truly a blistering ulcer for many people, not knowing how their swim fins would end up in the end and how long the swim fins could last.

This is a shame for so amazing a bodyboard fins to suffer so grueling a problem. Yet, you could find a little consolation in the fact that such incidences are few and far between, to say the least.

Another problem with Cressi PLUMA lies, once again, in its material. This problem is most serious in the toe boxes of the swim fins. Many have complained that the toe boxes are too stiff for their own comfort.

Many people have to end up having pain in their feet because the toe boxes just scratch their feet so much that they blister profusely.

And once again, there is a consolation in the fact that this problem only emerge in rarest cases, so you could have a little more confidence in the product they buy.

All in all, Cressi PLUMA is great, but its greatness is hampered and dampened by the inconsistency in its quality. However, this is still something that you should consider when choosing swim fins.

Pros Cons
_ Great thrust and propulsion _ Inconsistency in quality
_ Relative freedom of movement _ Stiff toe boxes that could cause discomfort
_ Spacious inside
_Great price

9. U.S. Divers Sea Lion Floating Fins

Our final entry is, to be frank, not so special or unique in any way that could set it apart from its competitors on the market.

However, with decent utility at hands as well as a price that is well within the range of most buyers, Sea Lion Floating Fins could still muster its mettle to strive for something more than what its limited capacity has to offer.

The first and foremost strength that the swim fins could offer the users is the compact size that the fins possess.

Unlike other entries on this list that are either too big or too small, causing some problems for the users, Sea Lion Floating Fins is a bodyboard fins that strikes a balance between these two extreme.

In other words, these swim fins is a compromise between big and small swim fins.

This particular design has several notable advantages for the users.

The first advantage is the fact that the swim fins could still guarantee relative strength and power for thrusting and propulsion.

Unlike other small-fin products, Sea Lion Floating Fins could allow the users to exert moderate power to operate the swim fins, thus obviating the need for tremendous efforts and strength to make the fins move underwater.

The second advantage is that the swim fins, despite its adequate thrust and propulsion, could still fit neatly into users’ backpacks, allowing users to carry the fins without much difficulty to say the least.

On top of that, with a weight of only one pound, the swim fins provide tremendous boon for users who might fear of carrying too much for too long on their backs.

Size aside, the Sea Lion Floating Fins also provides the users with something truly amazing, its durability. Many have reported that the swim fins could withstand adverse conditions competently.

Even after six months of sustained use, the only thing that wears off is the yellow paint coat; otherwise, the fins still function properly without too much trouble, to say the least.

The cherry on top is that the bodyboard fins comes at a price that is nothing short of amazing. With only small a price range, a person could own such a versatile product that is surely giving more bangs for his or her bucks.

This competitive price also helps to catapult the otherwise ordinary product into something of a contender on the market.

Nonetheless, Sea Lion Floating Fins still has some profound problems that plague it to such an extent that many would be put off from buying. The first one is about sizes, once again.

More specifically, the swim fins’ manufacturer seem to label sizes on the swim fins that are smaller than the actual sizes.

Hence, many buyers, after having purchased these fins, find out how hard it is to squeeze their feet into such a tight confinement inside the foot pockets.

Many have also complained how the swim fins cause blister for their feet after sustained use and how the swim fins’ tight confinement prevents their toes to stretch with ease, thus further confounding the problem.

The second problem with these bodyboard fins is that it poses a very underwhelming design that is banal as it is unimpressive.

With simplistic design and the monotonous colors of black and yellow to spice the swim fins, many fashion buffs would, without doubt, find the sight of the product hard to tolerate, to say the least.

In conclusion, with adequate propulsion and compactness, coupling with a great price, Sea Lion Floating Fins could stay above the water against stronger contenders on the market.

However, with the problems regarding sizes and design, the bodyboard fins could not hope to swim itself forward to greatness, unfortunately.

_ Moderation between power and compactness _ Problems about sizes
_ Durable _ Unimpressive design
_ Great price

Final Words – What is the best swim fins?

With such a wide array of bodyboard fins to choose from, you could have a large breathing space to consider what suit their needs best. From sizes to price, from design to utility, this list would help you to navigate the vast ocean of swim fins that is too big to absorb at once.

Yet, in the end, you must have the final says on what suits best, because only you could understand what you really need in the end.

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