With the coming of winter, the advent of the first snowflakes, you should not just have to worry about all the hassles that entail such an adverse weather condition.

Instead, you could still find joy in the monochromatic and eerie landscape of winter.

With only a little imagination or effort, you could have a whale of a time with many activities like skiing, skating or building a snowman, an obvious and intuitive choice for a vast majority of people in snowy region.

This is because building a snowman is safe, inexpensive and especially, not labor-intensive.

However, by using snowman kit, you could expect your snowman to be even more than just a pedestrian activity in the snow.

And when I mean snowman, it’s not going to look like this:

We want really cute ones for our beloved children right?

So, with seven options of snowman kit to choose from, people could have a wide range of choice regarding cost, design, and purposes.

However, you should keep in mind that these are just recommendations at best.

Indeed, you should have the final say on what they want, what they consider to be the best choice for them.

1. Dress Your Own Snowman Kit

Our list begins with an entry that could impress the users in many ways, in its pretty and good looking design and perhaps in its ability to impress you with a price that goes above its peers.

As mentioned above, the very first impression that buyers shall have with the snowman kit is its appearance.

Without exaggeration, the snowman making kit allows you to construct a snowman that could captivate the sight of many people.

With a cute hat, to begin with, the snowman building kit allows the snowman to appear as very adorable, to say the least.

However, the thing that set it aside is the pipe in the kit. Yes, you heard me right, this snowman kit comes with a pipe.

This feature alone makes the snowman built from the kit something very special. More than that, the pipe goes along well with the whole design.

Many children will be surprised or even flabbergasted with the sight of a smoking snowman; nonetheless, this is still a very fine addition to the snowman making kit without doubt.

Looks aside, the snowman building kit also offers you a very beneficial attribute, its durability.

Although manufactured in China, buyers should not be afraid about the potential quality of this product.

On the contrary, the snowman kit could hold it itself very well against the adverse weather conditions of heavy rain or snow.

Moreover, the snowman making kit could still function after many years on end. This durability is a boon for those who are dreaded at the prospect of having to buy now kits for every passing year.

However, the snowman kit is not without some grievances along the way. The first and foremost problem is, of course, its price.

Although that price tag may not sound that expensive, but compared with other products on the market, Dress Your Own Snowman Kit is way above and beyond its peers in terms of cost.

Furthermore, the snowman building kit does not come with so many components to justify for its current price.

And the last scruple is that the snowman kit comes without a hand. However, this problem could be solved by using tree branches.

A more pressing problem is the frequent missing of many components in some kits.

On top of that, the hat that comes along with the snowman kit also seem to be smaller than presented on the box.

Many have complained how the hats could hardly fit their snowmen, thus causing many buyers replace the hats in the kits with real hats to be able to fit.

All in all, the Dress Your Own Snowman Kit is a good product. Although it may come with some scruples along the way, it could surely hold itself against the competition of other products without much difficulty.

Pros Cons
_ Good looking _ Stiff price
_ Pretty durable against sever conditions _ Remaining problems with its components

Product Description:

  • This kit contains everything a well-dressed snowman needs: button eyes, a carrot nose, pieces for a mouth, a knit cap and pipe, and more.
  • Every piece is crafted from sturdy, painted wood, and is made to last for years.
  • Building and decorating a snowman provides hours of outdoor fun for kids of all ages.
  • The pieces come in a sturdy cardboard box for easy storage when not in use.
  • Recommended for ages 8 years and up.
  • Challenge your children’s imaginations and keep them active with Toysmith.
  • Committed to providing the most imaginative toys along with the highest safety standards, Toysmith has toys appropriate for all age groups.
  • Toysmith offers toys for any kind of play: active play, science, and discovery, arts and crafts, impulse and novelty toys, and nostalgic retro classics.
  • Sturdy, detailed wood pieces can be used year after year
  • Comes in a colorful, easy to store, sturdy box
  • Kids will love dressing their snowman with this handy kit
  • Great gift idea

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2. Evelots My Very Own Snowman Kit, 15 Pieces Included

Our next entry is another great product, and its attraction is further enhanced with a very competitive price.

However, the kit is beset by a wide array of problem regarding durability.

First and foremost, the snowman kit impresses you at first glance with an even more elaborate design than that of the previous entry.

In truth, this snowman making kit takes everything that makes the previous entry so great in terms of design and take them all over a notch higher.

The pipe is present in this kit to boost up the coolness in appearance of the snowman.

However, the cherry on top is the availability of a bowler hat that gives the snowman a very smart and sleek look, to say the least.

All of these components go so well with the overall design of the snowman that they seem to blend in seamlessly to further enhance the beauty of the snowman without much exaggeration.

Moreover, these components, apart from their contribution in the department of appearance, also offers you a sense of security in that appearance.

In other words, the components of the kit could stay firmly without much scruple.

With the aid of very strong pins, especially those of the bowler hat, you could expect the snowman to withstand severe weather conditions for days on end without the fear of having the snowman disintegrate due to strong winter wind.

Many have reported that the snowmen they built with this snowman kit could withstand even inside a middle of a blizzard for two days at least.

And the cherry on top is that the snowman making kit comes at a very competitive price. In brief, with a paltry amount of money, you could expect to enjoy the joy of winter without too much compunction for your purse.

However, Everlots My Very Own Snowman Kit, despite so many beneficial traits, still suffers from a crippling defect. This defect lies in the snowman kit durability.

Granted that the snowman kit could help a snowman to withstand severe weather conditions for many days, it does not help the kit itself to sustain for a long duration.

Many have complained how the kit’s components could easily break and render the whole snowman making kit quite unusable.

This fragility may not be such a huge problem if it was not so widespread. Instead of suffering this defect in the most extreme cases, legion of buyers could expect their snowman building kit’s components to break down completely after only months at best.

In the end, this product could very well be a game changer, but its fatal defect prevents it from being something more than a good snowman kit.

_ Good looking _ Inadequate durability of the components
_ Components could stay firmly for many days
_ Competitive price

Product Description:

  • Includes a 100% non-woven felt black top hat, coal-shaped eyes, mouth, and buttons made of polypropylene plastic, a carrot nose made from polystyrene plastic, a 100% red acrylic non-woven fringed scarf and plastic pipe.
  • Fun activity for both children and adults.
  • Makes a great gift for the whole family.
  • Evelots has more than 500 products to offer. Please don’t forget to visit the Amazon store.

3. My Very Own Snowman Kit, from Hampton Direct

Our next entry is, unfortunately, not something that would impress you and then stay in the picture.

It could exude a sense of confidence in its appearance, but deeper than that, the snowman kit stumbles and falls along the way.

As mention above, the snowman making kit impresses you with its cute and adorable design. With a wide array of components to spice up the snowman.

The snowman building kit could surely hold itself against the competition in the department of appearance from other competitors.

Despite its lack of a pipe, unlike the two previous entries, that could enhance the coolness of the snowman, My Very Own Snowman Kit could still give the two previous entries a run for their money when it comes to looks.

Another great attribute of this product is that it comes at a price that is all the more impressive. With just as little money, you could surely afford one of these kits.

This is a boon for you who could hardly afford to spend so much on building snowmen.

However, the good things stop here. What comes next is a series of mishaps and problems that could spell great trouble for this product.

The first thing that cripples the snowman kit is the inability of its components to sustain for a long duration on snow. In other words, the eyes and other parts could hardly be secured firmly enough to stay for long.

Despite the availability of pins on these components, many would still experience from many incidents in which these components fall off the snow surface without warning.

This very fact hampers the functionality of the snowman making kit to such an extent that many would surely be put off and have to consider with great care before deciding to purchase this snowman building kit.

Another problem that arises is the inadequate durability of the kit. Indeed, many components seem to be made in cheap material that could break off after weeks or even days at best.

Many have complained how the components could give in to break-down so soon so suddenly. This is surely a profound problem at worst.

Finally, the snowman kit also suffers from problem regarding packing. In brief, the kit is packed in a very cheaply made plastic container that could easily give in to pressure and then could not adequately protect the components inside of the container.

Buyers would, at first, would not be troubled much by this seemingly unremarkable defect, but before long, they would know how troublesome and problematic that it might prove to be.

In conclusion, My Very Own Snowman Kit is a product that is mired in a cesspool of its own defects.

So much so that the bright shining spots that it could offer you in terms of design and price could hardly gloss over the blemishes that besmirches the snowman kit to great lengths.

_ Good looking _ Inadequate durability of the components
_ Competitive price _ Cheaply made container
_ The components could not be secured firmly

Product Description:

  • Durable and reusable kit brings your snowman to life year after year.
  • Fun activity for both children and adults.
  • Makes a great gift for the whole family.

4. Ideal Sno Toys Sno Marker Sno-Man Kit

Our next entry is an impressive kit that could hold on to buyers’ attention in its large kit box and its colorful decorations.

Yet, beyond such a skin-deep impression, the snowman kit has more to offer you regarding functionality and cost.

The first thing that the kit has to offer buyers is, without doubt, a set of sprayers alongside with the pedestrian snowman making kit’s components.

It is no exaggeration in saying that the sprayers are the features that set it aside, making it a whole lot more remarkable than its competitors on the market.

With three colors to choose from: red, green and blue, the snowman building kit could offer you untold and innumerate number of options regarding how to decorate a given snowman.

Indeed, children could very well catapult their creativity and imagination to the fullest extent with these sprayer.

They, the children could turn the monochromatic snowman into something out of this world. Indeed, the possibilities are endless, to say the least.

However, this extraordinary feature does not come with a stiff price as many have expected. On the contrary, the addition of three sprayers do little to drive up the cost of the snowman kit.

In fact, when buying on Amazon, the snowman kit comes only with an unbelievable price tag, undoubtedly far cheaper than other entries on this list.

This is a truly amazing thing that could surely attract a great number of potential buyers to the snowman kit.

However, you should not buy this snowman building kit, not without some further circumspection beforehand.

Indeed, the snowman kit is mired in a cesspool of problems regarding quality and durability that make many wonder about the true potential of it.

The first problem is that, by coming off as a very affordable, if not cheap snowman kit, Ideal Sno-Man Kit must sacrifice the quality of its components.

The most notable case is the hat of the snowman. Many have complained how cheaply the snowman making kit was made and how readily it is susceptible to break-down.

In some extreme case, the hat could break only after days of use without forewarn or anything like that. To top things off, the hats are also too small to fit any regular-sized snowman, to say the least.

The second problem is the ease with which these components could fall off the snowman. In other word, the snowman building kit’s components does not have great ability to cling onto any given surface for long. After only hours, these components could easily slip off and fall.

The third problem with the snowman building kit is that its much-heralded feature, the three sprayers that could serve the wildest imaginations of you are, somewhat, short of expectations.

To be exact, the sprayer, in theory, could be something of a game changer, but in reality, it is hampered by an array of technical problems.

Firstly, the sprayers could not produce colors that are strong and durable enough to stay long on any surface. In fact, the colors of the sprayers are complained to be too light and too vulnerable to wear-off even only after days at best.

Many have claimed that it is better to put self-made color into the sprayers to use. Secondly, the sprayers sometimes come with two same colors or only two different color, instead of three different colors.

All in all, with great price and a huge potential for creativity, this snowman kit could be something truly great. However, it could not become so, thanks to a smorgasbord of defects that could surely bewilder the users, thus putting off some potential buyers.

Pros Cons
_ The sprayers provide a wide array of possibilities _ Inadequate durability of the components
_ Competitive price _ Cheaply made sprayers’ colors
_ The components could not be secured firmly

Product Description:

  • Build and decorate your first snowman of the season while displaying your artistic creativity
  • Color and decorate snow by mixing warm water with the Sno-Marker color packet
  • Twist off cap included to provide multiple uses and a flip-up nozzle to prevent annoying leaks and spills
  • Includes 3 Sno-Marker bottles, 3 Sno-Marker color packs, plastic top hat, plastic carrot nose, 6 red and 6 blue buttons
  • Recommended for children 5 years of age and older

5. Winter Holiday Deluxe Snowman Making Building Kit – Blue Theme

The next entry is perhaps, most notable for its miniature statute. However, you should not let such a puny form deceives one’s judgment of the snowman kit.

On the contrary, the puny statute of the kit conceals a heavy hitter underneath that would give other contestants a run for their own money.

The first thing that impresses you most is perhaps the design of the kit’s components.

The small and the inevitable diminutive statute of the snowman does not prevent the kit from being a heavy hitter in terms of appearance.

On the contrary, the snowman kit could boast a very solid design. With blue as the main color, the kit does not make the snowman sink into the cold hue of winter, but instead, it gives off a very hopeful overtone to the cold and unbearable scene of winter.

On top of that, the design also exudes confidence as well as beauty in every steps along the way. Small may be the right word for this case, but small is also the manifestation of dedicated effort put into each and every part of the snowman making kit.

Looks aside, the snowman kit does not skimp on the quality and durability department. No doubt, the product could take pride in the fact those made it has made it with such dedication that could not be seen in few products.

From the scarf to the smallest buttons, the snowman building kit does not fail the users in terms of quality and durability. In fact, you could expect the snowman kit to survive adverse conditions without giving way wear-off.

With so many things to offer, the snowman making kit could very well be on its way to perfection. Yet, the snowman kit has two inherent problems that make it stop short of such greatness.

The first problem is the cost of the whole snowman building kit. With the fairly high price tag, the snowman kit’s cost is no trivial matter for those with shoestring budgets wanting to spend on a little bit of knickknack to spice up winter.

Granted that the snowman kit is superb in terms of design and quality, but its price is still too much to stomach, without doubt.

Another problem is the size of the snowman kit. Although the snowman making kit makes up in terms of design and quality, you could not but feel that the snowman kit is only for a very narrow niche market of toddlers that could content with so small a snowman.

Other than this niche market, the snowman building kit could hardly attract a great number of teenagers or older to the fold.

In conclusion, the snowman building kit is an embodiment of great sophistication placed inside of a product.

However, with a price that is impressive as the sophistication placed inside and a narrow focus on a portion of buyers, the snowman kit could not move above and beyond its inherent mold to be something greater.

Pros Cons
_ Great design _ High price
_ Great quality _ Could only serve a narrow segment of market

Product Description:

  • Full-size items INSIDE… the scarf on the outside is for decorative purposes only
  • Includes hat, scarf, carrot nose, pipe, eyes, buttons and mouth pieces in a decorated snowman shaped container
  • Makes a great gift for the holidays!
  • Just add snow!

6. Kangaroo’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” (3-Pack)

Our next entry is kind of special or even unique, to say the least.

Instead of requiring buyers to use real snow to make the snowman, the snowman kit incorporate foam in each pack so that you could make their own snowman without the trouble of going outside.

Nonetheless, this awesome idea is mired in an inexorable quagmire of problems that could hamper its potential.

First and foremost, as mentioned before, the snowman making kit comes in a very unorthodox form.

Not a set of components that require a real snowman to function properly, the product is, instead, built around the idea of using foam to make a snowman, obviating the need for the real one. This comes with two advantages.

The first one is that one does not have to wait and bid one’s time until the next winter or to come to snowy regions to build a snowman. Instead, you could do that at any time, almost anywhere.

The second advantage is that one does not have to come outside to build a snowman with other winter’s ailments that stalk one relentlessly in the cold. Now, within the safety of one’s abode, you could enjoy something that is unthinkable without the aid of the snowman building kit.

The second thing that many people love about the snowman kit is that it also has a very cute design to further spice up an already intriguing kit.

In other words, the snowman that is the final product is downright adorable. It may be small in stature, but that does not prevent it from forcefully capturing the hearts of many people, especially children.

However, as said before, the snowman kit suffers from a smorgasbord of problems that hamper its potentials, to say the least.

The first thing is about price. With such a low price tag, the snowman kit may not appear as costly as other entries on this list.

However, taking a closer look and one must admit that such a price is too much for a puny set of three snowmen with equally puny components to go with them. Indeed, many would feel a little bit of misgivings when having to pay so much for so little (in terms of size and quantity).

Another problem that stalk the snowman making kit is the small size and design of it. Granted the small size and design of the product allow the snowman building kit to be easily transported and allows children to have a whale of time with it.

Nonetheless, these attributes also serves to gravely limit the range of the product. Instead of serving a wide range of customers from toddlers to teenagers alike. The snowman kit could serve a niche segment of the market, toddlers.

Without doubt, teenagers would be put off by the product’s childish disposition in size and in its design. The cuteness of the snowman may prove to be too immature for more mature portions of the market.

Last but not least, the snowman kit is also mired in a problem regarding delivery. In brief, many have complained how shoddy the way the snowman kit is delivered to them. In some cases, the components could be missing.

However, in more extreme cases, the three-pack set could come with only two packs. This could serve to alienate a large number of customers who may think that the manufacturer has been careless in as basic a step as packaging.

In conclusion, the snowman making kit is a very good example of treading out of the well-beaten track. However, its execution is still stuck in a series of problems that make buyers less appreciative of its boldness.

Pros Cons
_ Could be played indoor at any time _ High price (for its value)
_ Cute design _ Could only serve a narrow segment of market
_ Problems with the quantity of packs inside each set

Product Description:

  • Mold Foam Putty Into A Snowman; Perfect For Birthday Party Favors or Stocking Stuffers For Kids
  • Includes: Press In Eyes, Carrot Nose, Arms & Smile Mouth
  • Allow Foam Putty To Set And Harden (Or Remold Until You Like Your New Friend)
  • Small Parts – Choking Hazard – These Are Not Baby Toys or Toys For Toddlers
  • 3 Snow Man Toys Included Per Order; Great Party Favor; Perfect For Arts & Crafts Birthday Party Favors

7. KOVOT Build a Snowman Decorating Kit – 13 Pieces Included!

Our final entry is, in many ways, a product that goes above and beyond people’s expectation for something so ordinary.

Indeed, the box set tells us nothing about what is waiting inside, and what waiting inside is nothing short of amazement.

The first thing that impresses you is, undoubtedly, the design that exudes confidence as well as utter dedication and care on the part of the manufacturer. Every component, every detail is done with utmost sophistication.

In terms of aesthetics, the snowman kit is far better than anyone could expect. The hat is done beautifully without any notable defection to speak of; the scarf is woven splendidly with a dedication that is profound.

Even the smaller and less significant components like buttons and nose are also made with great care. As such, the product emerges as something truly amazing in sight.

This very beauty is achieved not through the use of eye popping colors or over the top design, but by the very sophistication seeped into it.

The second thing that impresses you is the sheer durability of the snowman making kit. In other words, you could expect the snowman building kit to last for a very long time with sustained use.

In fact, many buyers are impressed by how long the snowman kit could stay in good condition despite sustained use and adverse weather conditions.

This is truly something that buyers are craving for, the ability to stay with a product for a long time without having to find a replacement that could cost more money.

However, the snowman kit is not without its pitfalls. The first and the most notable pitfall is its price, which is too high for many to pay for as frivolous a distraction as building a snowman.

Indeed, many would surely be put off by the fact that such a seemingly cost-free leisure activity could entail that much money to enjoy.

Granted that the snowman kit is superb in terms of quality and design, but with such a price, many would surely opt for more affordable alternatives on the market.

The second problem with the snowman kit is about size. In brief, you could not look at the promotional images on Amazon to gauge the size of the snowman making kit.

This is because these images make the snowman building kit appear to be way bigger than it really is.

In fact, many have complained about how small the components, especially the hat, are. Hence, many would have to settle for a skimmed down version of their intended snowmen.

In conclusion, the snowman kit is a wonderful product despite an array of problems that could confound buyers, to say the least.

However, one should not underestimate the potential of this product regarding its ability to amaze and daze one to great lengths.

Pros Cons
_ Beautifully designed _ High price
_ Durable _ Small components

Product Description:

  • Kit Includes – 1 Top Hat, 1 Scarf, 1 Pipe, 2 Eyes, 5 Mouth Pegs, 2 Button Pegs & 1 Carrot Nose
  • Kids Will Love Dressing Their Snowman with this Handy Kit
  • Sturdy, Detailed Wood Pieces Can Be Used Year After Year
  • Great Gift Idea for any Child or Adult (Age 3+)
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Final Words – What is the best snowman kit?

These are the most notable products on the market in terms of their quality (or inadequacy). The choices that you could have are many, so it come as no surprise that these entries are just for reference at best.

You should be the one to gauge how these products or any product on the market fit them most in terms of cost, design, purposes. In the end, you are the final judges regarding whether a product is good or otherwise.

Besides all the things above, here are our best recommended resources for well-prepared Winter: