BE SELF-CONFIDENT: Best 9 Presentation Clickers (Nov. 2017)

Presentation is perhaps an integral part for any of us either at school or work. However, you must admit that sometimes, having to move back and forth or stuck with the computer is not so much of a glorious experience.

you could not crisscross the room to engage with the audience, to bring them closer, to make your point clearer in the process. However, with presentation clicker, such impasse is long gone.

Now with this tool, you could surely move out of the confine of the computer desk to engage fully with the audience, thus allowing the presentations to be more than just a set of unfulfilling tasks that must be done.

With that in mind, we present to you nine presentation clickers that we think as most notable, most representative in their respective categories.

For a quick recap on our best presentation clickers, please have a look at this slide:

In-depth review belows

1. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

The first entry comes from the famed Logitech, and without a doubt, the company does not fail its devotees in this product to say the least.

This presentation clicker has many tremendously awesome features that you could not help but have to notice them in their full potential.

The first thing that many users find gratifying with this product is the fact that it could be used smoothly on two most widespread operating systems on the market nowadays, Mac OS and Windows.

This is, of course, a tremendous relief for many users who fear that the presentation clicker could only be fully enjoyed on Windows alone.

But such compatibility also extends to the many software that the product supports, most notably are PowerPoint and Prezi the two most popular presentation programs that the presentation clicker supports without any difficulty on the part of you.

On top of that, the Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 also offers users an array of easy to use and well-placed buttons, thus helping users to move slides backward and forward without so much qualm as to guarantee much headache at the heat of the moment.

When they, you must rely on their very own reflex to move the slides, thus allowing no time for complex buttons configurations.

Another great feature is perhaps the presentation clicker’s very own red laser pointer that helps you to focus the audience’s attention onto the most important points in any given presentation; the red laser is also easy to see against many backgrounds.

All of these features come with a facile installation process. By plugging in a receiver into your computer’s USB port, the presentation clicker is good to go, no convoluted software or drivers installations, just plug and play.

Last but not least, the presentation clicker could withstand sustained use for up to three months without requiring too much battery change.

However, as good as the presentation clicker may appear to be, some profound problems still remain. The first problem comes from the presentation clicker’s own compatibility with operating systems and presentation software.

Although the product works well on both Mac OS and Windows, Mac users may sometimes find the presentation clicker’s functionality a little bit off at times. Sometimes, the clicker could become unresponsive on Mac OS systems.

More than that the clicker also has problems with other programs other than PowerPoint and Prezi.

Although it could still function with different software, such functionality varies from one software to another and at times could be erratic in terms of performance with many programs.

Moreover, the red laser pointer, despite its apparent usefulness, does not itself offers something remarkable. Indeed, users could use it to highlight their important ideas, but other than that, the red laser pointer could not act as a mouse cursor, this in turns compels a user to coordinate with another person to make the slides more functioning.

And of course, the very last hurdle for any user is the price in order to enjoy the clicker’s awesome features. Some may find this to be a little bit too high a price for their own comfort and this would undoubtedly give them some compunction before even deciding to buy such a product.

All in all, R400 presentation clicker from Logitech is a good choice for those who want something with great utility and ease of using.

Despite some problems with compatibility and price, the product could still prove to be competitive on the market.

Pros Cons
– Easy to install – Sometimes the product does not work perfectly with Mac OS and many programs
– Compatibility with Mac OS and Windows – Stiff price
– Long battery life
– Well-placed, easy to use buttons

2. BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Remote Presentation

Our next entry is a product that comes off as very affordable for the average users. However, this could also spell some problems for the product as a whole.

The first advantage of the product is, of course, its price. With the price as little as a cup of Starbucks, you could possess this presentation clicker, thus allowing those with shoestring budget to get a relatively fine presentation clicker.

More than that the product also offers you, despite its low price, many great features. you could not help but notice the product’s small size that allows you to hold it for hours on end without feeling numb or tired.

Moreover, the small size of the product means that it is not so bulky as to be unable to be carried without much difficulty. 

But not just that, the product also offers you an array of well-placed and easy to use buttons that also come as a kind of relief for those who don’t want to juggle with so convoluted buttons configurations when presenting.

Not just that, this wireless presenter remote is also easy to install, just like the previous entry on the list. You just need to insert batteries and plug in the USB and then enjoy the utility of the product; all are done in less than two minutes. However, as mentioned above, the product is also mired in a myriad of problems, the first one is its compatibility with operating systems and presentation programs.

Granted, the remote could work well with both Mac OS and Windows, but Mac users should be very circumspect when choosing this product. This is because the remote sometimes become unresponsive to you when used on a Mac OS system. For presentation programs, the presentation clicker also has problems.

Although it could work well with PowerPoint, with Prezi, its very own functionality is limited, and you could not fully enjoy the remote’s features. On top of that, the remote also offers very limited range.

Although it claims that it could handle a range up to 39 feet, in practice, many have reported that beyond a range of 10 feet, the remote becomes kind of unresponsive to their commands or otherwise stop working as a whole.

However, the most egregious problem is the fact that this product could break down with relative ease and without warning. Some users have complained that it could not be used with a long duration and after only 3 to 4 months, some have reported that the remote has broken down completely.

To make matter worse, the product’s battery life is also inadequate at best, thus making many users on edge in many important presentations for fear of dead batteries. As a whole, this product is a good choice for those who want something affordable but could still offer utility and functionality.

However, they should be careful with the very fact that the product is mired in many problems regarding compatibility and duration that could prove to be a headache for many users.

– Easy to install – Not so good compatibility capacity
– Competitive price – Easy to break down
– Well-placed, easy to use buttons – Limited range
– Portable

3. Kensington Wireless Presenter (K33374USA)

Our next entry is a product that gives you an impression of cool and sleek design. Aesthetic aspects aside, the wireless presenter could be more than skin deep with its great utility.

As mentioned, the product has a very attractive design that exudes futuristic sense. However, its look is not the only thing that makes it such a strong contender in the wireless presenter’s market.

This is because the product also offers you a set of intuitive 4-button control that is easy to use at it is easy to remember.

With laser, forward, backward and freeze screen, the product is undoubtedly something not to be trifled with when it comes to the ease that it gives you at the heat of any given presentation.

This is not to mention the wireless presenter’s portable and ergonomic nature that makes it very easy to hold on to as well as to carry along with. This comes as a boon for those who have to present for hours on end, for the remote engender little discomfort for users’ hands.

And to make things even better, the buttons are made of rubber, not plastic, so it means that the remote could stay firm inside your palm without slipping away.

To top things off, the remote also comes with a very prominent laser beam that allows presenters to make their points clear and vivid for the audience, thus facilitating the success of a given presentation.

And last but definitely not least, the wireless presenter also offers a range of up to 65 feet, far more superior than other products on the market at the time.

This range allows users to freely move inside a room without much compunction as to whether the remote would stop responding or not.

Yet, with so many bright spots, the product also has its fair share of blemishes. The first thing is, of course, the very erratic nature of the product’s performance.

Some say that it could perform remarkably for hours on end without any noticeable problems to mention.

However, others claim that the product is faulty at best and unusable at worst. Some even say that the remote runs out of battery after only 2 hours of use and sometimes the remote just simply stop responding to commands although it stays within the theoretical 65-foot effective range.

On top of that, the wireless presenter, although theoretically could work well with Mac OS and Windows, sometimes become intractable when used on Mac or Linux.

However, this is nothing comparable with the fact that the remote could not work at all on Windows XP or any archaic operating systems. Only if you use something like Windows 7 or newer could the remote functions with all of its best.

Otherwise, you could have to juggle with installing driver or asking for customer support. Furthermore, the fact that the product comes at a stiff price could also put off many potential buyers.

A sleek design, great portability, and ease in using, this wireless presenter could become a force to be reckoned with if it was not for the defections in terms of utility and its high price.

Yet, the product could still offer many entries on this list a run for their money nonetheless.

– Sleek design – Unstable performance
– Ergonomic and portable – High price
– Well-placed, easy to use buttons – Limited compatibility capacity

4. Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter (K72426AM)

Our next entry is another product from Kensington, albeit a superior one in terms of utility. And yes, there are still some inherent problems similar to the ones we have seen in the previous entry.

As with the previous entry, Kensington does not fail you when it comes to aesthetic aspect of the product.

It gives the very initial impression of something very sleek and futuristic with regard to design. However, such design does not come with a sacrifice in its ergonomic and portable nature.

On the other hand, the wireless presenter is truly a blast to hold on to; you could expect to keep the remote in his or her hands for many hours without a dint of fear of discomfort. The 4-button control is also another boon for you; like the previous entry, you could find that such setup is very intuitive.

Thus it could come off as a great aid for those who may stumble in any presentation due to the pressure stemming from the heat of the moment that may make many numb and vulnerable to fidgeting. However, the 4-button setup of the control is not the only thing that defines such wonderful product. Kensington has incorporated a joystick and cursor function to the wireless presenter as a game changer for this very product.

And indeed, this is the best feature that the product has to offer. With the ability to control the laser as a mouse cursor by user the joystick to move it, the remote could supplant for the need of a helper. Moreover, you could easily switch between presentation mode and cursor mode without much effort.

And yet, with such awesome feature, Kensington still wants to surprise you with a myriad of wonderful features like the ability to use the remote control at a range of 150 feet, guaranteeing that users could move freely in any given room without much difficulty.

On top of that, the remote control offers a green laser that is brighter than the normal red laser of many wireless presenter on the market. Nevertheless, so many wonderful features do not spell the lack of fatal defections. First of all, the remote is prone to occasional break down in its functionality.

Some users have complained that the remote sometimes just could not respond to users’ commands and even though in theory, it could operate at a range of 150 feet, many have found out that they sometimes must not go beyond the range of 60-75 feet for fear of jeopardizing the functionality of the product.

Secondly, the much exalted green laser in practice is not as much as a boon as some may claim. This is because the green laser, although brighter than the normal red laser, after sustained use, become dimmer and dimmer and could not be seen without difficulty on the part of the audience.

Thirdly, the battery life is also erratic at best, with some complaining that the battery of this wireless presenter could be dead without much of a warning, thus making using the wireless presenter something of a gamble for many.

Fourthly, the cursor control of the remote is sometimes unresponsive; this problem is further confounded by the erratic behavior of the joystick and the peculiar configuration of left and right mouse buttons on the remote.

And last but not least, the remote comes at a very stiff price, although this could be commensurate with the utility it gives you, you could not but admit that many could still be put off by such a price.

A wonderful product it could be if so many problems did not confound the product. However, this wireless presenter could still give its competitor a run for their money without a doubt.

– Sleek design – Unstable performance
– Ergonomic and portable – High price
– Well-placed, easy to use buttons – The laser could become dimmer and dimmer after sustained use
– The ability of cursor control – the cursor control could be erratic at times

5. AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter

Our next entry is a product from Amazon that is as simple as it is wonderful in its utility, despite some remaining problem, this wireless presenter could be a force to be reckoned with.

The first thing that makes this remote so good is its set of buttons that could enable a wide array of functions; all could be done inside your palm without so much difficulty. The remote offers a set of buttons to freeze the screen, adjust the volume, move the slides forward and backward, start and end a presentation and switch on or off the laser.

This is truly something extraordinary given the limited functionality given on many remotes on the market at the time. Unlike these remotes, the AmazoneBacis Wireless Presenter could allow a user to maneuver with relative ease without the help of another person to adjust a myriad of options for a presentation to function properly.

All of these do not come in a bulky or unwieldy remote but come in a frame that is sleek and could fit easily into the palms of a user’s hand. And speaking of maneuver, with a range of 50 feet, not as great as many entry on this list but still enough to help you to move with a semblance of freedom within a given room.

This would not be a great advantage for the wireless presenter without the addition of one factor, the remote really works well within its theoretical range, unlike other products that could not deliver to you what they are supposed to offer in terms of range.

On top of that, the remote could be used with so much ease. There is practically no need for initial setups like driver installation or something like that; you just need to plug in the receiver and then everything would start without having to exert so much effort.

To top things off, all of these awesome features come at a very competitive price compared with those of others on the market. With only a small price, you could expect to own for one a very adequate if not great product with so much to offer.

There are still some problems, but fortunately, they are few and far between. The first scruple about this product is that it stores the batteries in a compartment used for the USB receiver. Many users have complained about the very struggle to take the batteries; all is due to the very narrowness of the compartment that does not allow much space to move the batteries out of it.

Another problem is that the USB of the wireless presenter has a strange shape in its receiver, this could be a huge problem, especially for those who use Microsoft Surface, because the USB could become stuck inside the device.

Only with great effort could the USB be detached from the device. This may cause some serious damages, not to the USB, but also to the socket of a given device. All in all, AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter is an interesting choice for those seeking something adequate in terms of utility and functionality but could still offer a very competitive price that fits their shoestring budget neatly.

– Ergonomic and portable – Batteries are stored in the USB compartment, making it hard to detach the batteries
– Well-placed, easy to use buttons with a wide array of functions – The USB could cause some damages to devices
– Stable performance
– Great price

6. Logitech Wireless Presenter R800

Another entry from the famed Logitech and this product does not fall short of the reputation of its manufacturer.

However, you could still find some blemishes lurking in the shadow of its dazzling features. This presentation clicker offers so much novel features that it could make many entries look quite archaic and uninnovative in comparison.

The first thing that the wireless presenter offers is the LCD screen that displays the time left for a given presentation. Such a facile and simplistic addition may not fully reflect the sheer usefulness of this new feature.

Now with such a device at hands, presenters could control the time they have without so much difficulty as before. And undoubtedly, the presenters could make the most of their time without digressing with a timer beside them.

However, this is not the only notable feature of the remote’s timer. It could also vibrate to alert presenters too deep inside the trance of their very own brainchildren. Other than that, the remote also gives you the ability to easily manipulate the control thanks to its very intuitive buttons configuration.

With buttons to move forward, backward, to freeze the screen or to black out the screen, the remote truly gives you some sense of total control over their own presentations without having to ask for the help of others for too much. Although the control of this product is not as comprehensive as that of the previous entry, it still functions well and give users adequate assistance.

On top of that, the contoured buttons are placed at the right places, so you could have no fear of stumbling at any important moment when many things are at stake. The remote also comes with a USB receiver that requires no driver installations or setup; you just needs to plug it inside a computer or laptop and then enjoy the wireless presenter with all of its potentials.

However, the most remarkable thing about the USB receiver is that it could be easily stored in a built-in docking bay of the presenter. This is a huge boon for those who fear that the indispensable USB receiver could be lost at any given moment due to its diminutive size.

However, the presenter clicker is also mired in a legion of problems that some may find hard to stomach. The first problem that emerges is the laser. Although it is advertised as compatible with a wide range of venues, in practice, the green laser of the remote only works well with well-lit but not too bright rooms.

This might not be a big problem if the green laser was not so inconsistent in its performance. And the buttons of the remote are also inconsistent with many presenters having to press 2 to 3 times before the remote could response. Many have also complained that the laser only beans brightly for 5 to 10 minutes then it dims at an alarming degree. On top of that, in order to function in its fullest capacity, the remote also gulps an astronomical amount of energy.

So it comes as no surprise that you may have to change the batteries within 2 to 3 hours; otherwise, the remote could stop function suddenly at any important moment without any forewarning. More profound is the problem with the presentation clicker’s durability.

With sustained use, you could only expect that the remote would last for about 3 to 4 months at best before it completely breaks down and becomes unusable. Such problems may prove too bitter even with a sugar coat of novel features to prop the product up; its price is of no help given the hefty price tag, many would surely be put off at worst.

In conclusion, R800 Wireless Presenter is most remarkable with its novel features and ergonomic nature, but there are many problems at the moment that prevent it from becoming the top dog on the market.

– Ergonomic and portable – Hefty price
– Well-placed, easy to use buttons – Short battery life
– Featuring a timer – Not so good durability
– Docking bay for USB receiver – The green laser is inconsistent
– The buttons may become unresponsive

7. Doosl® Wireless Presenter

Our next entry is a very special one in terms of design. A presentation clicker in the form of a pen. This is truly something unique compared with what have been offered on the market, but such uniqueness may not prove to be a boon for you to say the least.

This wireless presenter possesses such a sleek design in the form of a pen. However, such design is not all about aesthetic aspect alone. I also offers you an ergonomic and portable wireless presenter that fits nicely in the palms of you and can stay firm in their hand without much difficulty.

More than that, the presenter clicker is more than just staying firm in users’ hand, it also offers them a sense of comfort that allows the wireless presenter to be held for hours on end.

To top things off, this product is also a blast when it comes to simplicity in control configuration, with forward, backward, blank screen and laser pointer, all is placed neatly on the remote so as to enable you to have total control over the remote at any given moment.

Such simplicity also extends to its ability to function properly without having to install any driver; you just needs to plug in the USB receiver and then enjoy the product. The remote also has another advantage in terms of its laser pointer, with a red laser beam that could be easily switched on or off.

This red laser is bright enough to function properly even in a dimly-lit room. However, the true bonanza for you is the fact that this product only costs buyers at a very low price a piece. In other words, you could enjoy so many good features without having to worry so much about a potential dead weight on their own budget.

And yet, this wireless presenter is not without its own pitfalls. The most prominent is perhaps its limited compatibility with Mac OS. Many users have claimed that the Mac systems could not recognize the remote and even mistake it for a keyboard. This problem seems to be pervasive ranging from MacBook Air to MacBook Pro. But the problem does not stop here. The remote also has many problems regarding compatibility with Prezi, a popular presentation software.

Some have complained that the remote is unresponsive to their commands and at times just simply stops functioning. The fact that the remote applies a peculiar control set for Prezi does not help either; a user has to up and down at the same time to switch Prezi mode.

Another problem for the remote is that its control scheme is counterintuitive, to say the least. With up to go forward and down to go backward, this could definitely causes some trouble for you who may stumble at the heat of a moment and might lead to some serious troubles.

And last but definitely not least, the wireless presenter is also mired in problem regarding its durability. Many have complained about how easy the remote could break down after only 2 to 3 months of use. Not only that, the remote also has a penchant for guzzling batteries in great quantity, compelling users to change batteries frequently or otherwise, it would cease to work without warning.

The laser is also defective, in other words, it is prone to breakdown and could be unstable in its performance. Attractive in design and price, this product is a fine choice for those who want something cost effective. Although it is susceptible to occasional technical problems, the presentation clicker is still something to consider.

– Ergonomic and portable – Below average durability
– Sleek design – Batteries consuming
– Great price – Counterintuitive control scheme
– Comfortable to hold – Compatibility problem

8. Doosl Wireless Presenter 2.4GHz Rechargeable – Upgraded Version

Another entry on the list with sleek design. But it is more than just skin deep. The product we have here is truly something to behold in its sight and utility.

As mentioned above, this product is something to behold. From the very first moment seeing it, you could be impressed by its beautiful and cooling shape of the remote that exudes a futuristic sense.

The silver hue of its paint scheme only serves to further make it a lot more attractive than it really is. All of these factors combine to bring you something very extraordinary in its outward appearance.

However, that is not all about this product, it is also about utility, and it offers a great deal for you. The very first thing that is notable about its utility is the ability of the presentation clicker to function well with Linux, Mac, and Windows without much decrease in terms of functionality.

Moreover, the remote is also able to provide you with an ability to use it with two of the most popular presentation programs, Prezi and PowerPoint.

It truly works well with both although, with Prezi, you have to press up and down button at the same time to switch mode. But there is more, the presentation clicker could also work well with PDF files, although you could not use the blank screen button on the remote.

On top of that, the wireless presenter also offers you comfort when holding it, even for hours at least. Yet this could still be something really valuable for many. However, there is one single factor that makes this product truly unique, something that sets it aside from the mass of its competitors.

The remote has rechargeable battery, thus doing away with the need to constantly buy batteries to feed such a battery guzzling device. And to top things off, the remote comes at a small range of price, which is only a little more expensive than the previous entry. This is truly amazing given the product’s many advantages over its competitor

However, there are still many things that are amiss, although they are few and far between. The first problem is that the remote’s battery could deplete very fast, thus necessitating constant charging in order to keep it in the best shape. Although the remote eliminates the need for constant battery change, it definitely still requires a great deal of effort to keep it fed. Yet, this is still a puny problem considering that the remote has a below average durability.

You could expect that with sustained use, the wireless presenter could last for several weeks or 6 months at best. After that, the remote’s button just become increasingly intractable to the point of being unusable. Moreover, the product is claimed to be unstable in its performance, especially with Prezi. Some have complained that the remote sometimes just could not respond to you’ commands.

For some computers, users may find out that sometimes their systems just could not recognize the USB receiver; this could be a headache for many, to say the least. And last but not least, the vertical setup of button scheme is quite counterintuitive, for many, there would be a long time before they could get accustomed to this peculiar configuration.

With great price, adequate utility and a very attractive appearance, this wireless presenter gives the user a bang for their buck. Problems may still persist, but they are not so serious as to cloud its shining silver linings.

– Ergonomic and portable – Below average durability
– Sleek design – Batteries consuming
– Great price – Counterintuitive control scheme
– Comfortable to hold
– Rechargeable battery

9. Newmen P012 2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Presenter

Our last entry, although it offers many advantages, sadly, could not escape from the trap of mediocrity that would mire it in a cesspool of obscurity compared with other entries on this list.

The remote offers the user a sleek design that very much resembles a pen. And it is further enhanced in terms of aesthetic by dark gray hue that somehow exudes a very futuristic outward appearance. Not only that, the wireless presenter’s design also enables it to become very portable, to say the least.

You could expect to carry it all the time without so much qualm. This also makes the remote a whole lot more comfortable to hold, even after hours you could feel not so much as a spasm of numbness or tiredness.

Moreover, the wireless presenter, apart from being what it is supposed to be, a wireless presenter, it could also help to facilitate the interaction between pets and owners. This is because the remote’s laser beam could adequately act as a kind of play thing for pets and many have reported how their pets love this wireless presenter’s laser.

However, the product could only emerge from the mass of its competitors with these attributes, other than that it struggles greatly to be something more than the mediocrity that is so inherent. The first problem with this product is the fact that although it is undoubtedly portable, it is not ergonomic, to say the least. In other words, the remote could be held comfortably, but it cannot be used with as much comfort.

Users could find themselves struggling to press a given button; forward, backward or anything else, you have to tread carefully so as not to make a mess out of their very own presentations. The small scale of the buttons is also of no use, and it could even make matter worse.

This and the smooth nature of the buttons combine to create a recipe for disaster; users would surely stumble to press a button. On top of that, the laser beam is also unfit for rooms that are not well-lit or too bright. And under such conditions, the laser beam would become dimmer and dimmer, and the audience could have a hard time making out where the laser pointer is on the screen.

It appears that the laser beam is sucked into the screen completely. In conclusion, even with a relatively affordable price, this remote is far from an attractive choice for many people. It suffers not as much from its defects as it does from its own mediocrity that makes it an unattractive option to say the least.

– Portable – Not ergonomic
– Sleek design – Unrefined control scheme and buttons setup
– Competitive price – Problematic laser beam
– Comfortable to hold

Final Words – What is the best presentation clicker?

Choosing a suitable wireless presenter is definitely not as easy as it may sound. You must gauge your very own need as well as capacity to pay in order to reach the final conclusion. Here are just some products that we think the buyers could try (or avoid).

However, in the end, you, those who know best what you really want, should decide for yourselves what is the best in terms of price and utility and perhaps the search could start with the entries we present here.

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