Winter is coming, and with it, there would be a smorgasbord of unimaginable problems waiting to happen. From the icicles to the water dripping down from the roofs, all of these things amount to something so fundamentally annoying and bewildering about winter.

However, thanks to the effort of some manufacturers, people could still plod through the grueling winter without having to subject themselves to these problems.

This could be achieved by using heating cables that prove to be more than useful in the harsh and unforgiving conditions of winter.

And today, we present three choices, three products that we consider to be most notable in terms of functionality, price and their abilities.

Keep in mind that this is just a guide, reference, and you should not subject one’s decisions on this alone but could depend on other sources as well.

The first product that we introduce is a rough diamond that shines brightly at the very first glance, but it has many inherent problems that prove to be confounding, to say the least.

The second product is well-round though there are still some minor problems.

The third one is an average product that revels in its banality to deliver a pretty solid performance.

Easy Heat ADKS Snow De-Icing Kit – The Rugged Diamond

Our first entry is a product that stands proudly on its own as a testament to the engineering prowess of the manufacturer.

Not only is the heating cable capable of being potent in its very own tasks to such a degree that impressiveness would be an understatement. However, you should know that such magic has its limits in the end.

Although great, the heating cable is mired in some severe problems that make it less attractive than it should be given the strength that it asserts in its own functionality.

First and foremost, the heating cable strives above many of its competitors in terms of ease of installation. In other words, you could expect to master how to install the seemingly elaborate contraption within a short duration.

Granted that the product may seem to be intimidating at first look, you could not help but wonder how such seemingly convoluted contraption could be turned into something so seamless in the installation process that you could not but awe at the prowess of the manufacturer in engineering such a marvel.

Secondly, the most important thing now comes into our consideration that is the ability of the heating cable to function according to its expected roles. And in this aspect, the heating cable also fulfills its lots wholeheartedly and with gusto.

This is most manifest by the heating cable’s impressive record in warding off the impending threat of ice in times of winter. This is truly something that you would be most sought after.

And indeed, the heating cable works perfectly in this aspect. Its performance is impeccable, to say the least.

This could be seen the many reports that heap praises on how the heating cable could perform under harsh winter conditions without much difficulty.

However, as impressive as this may sound, the product still has something amiss along the way.

And the most important grievance is the fact that the product, in order to work properly, seems to wobble an astronomical amount of electricity that would surely make some users faint, to say the least.

This is no hyperbole, but a fact that many have attested to.

The heating cable, in its operation, could create a huge electricity bill so much so that many would be shocked by how much it would cost them to rid themselves of the annoying snow buildup and ice dams.

However, to be fair, such cost an entirely justified given the pesky nature of the ice and snow that could cause a lot more trouble for many people without the product.

The second grievance against the heating cable is its inability to keep the whole contraption floating in working condition for long.

This could be seen in the heating cable’s short shelf life.

In fact, you could expect the heating cable to last for one winter, and then everything afterward is dependent on the whim of the product, and I would have to say that such whim is fickle at best in keeping the heating cable in the best condition.

The result is something fleeting that would require replacement in no time, thus confounding many people in the process.

In conclusion, the heating cable is a rough diamond, shining brightly in its initial impression, but then people would have some serious troubling using it.

However, the heating cable is still something to be considered.

Pros Cons
_ Easy to install _ Cost a lot in terms of electricity bills
_ Great functionality _ Not durable

Available length (can be chosen from Amazon product page below)

1 30 feet
2 100 feet
3 120 feet
4 160 feet
6 200 feet

Product description:

  • Easy to install with simple & practical design
  • Suitable for common inclined roof and for both metal and plastic gutter
  • Clips and spacers included
  • CSA Certified and UL Listed

Frost King Electric Roof Cable – Ability and Functionality

Our next entry is a product that could be hailed as being able to live up to the lofty expectations of the buyers.

In other words, what we have here is a product that functions like a charm in the harsh winter conditions of even the New England region. There would be no doubt that this product could even have tricks up its sleeve.

However, in the meantime, the heating cable functions impeccably within its expected role, that is a de-icing cable.

In the end, one would surely not regret the time that he or she buys this product, to say the least.

First and foremost, the heating cable seems to work very well within its expected functionalities.

There would be no problem whatsoever regarding how it works. In other words, you could expect the ice and snow that are so much of a pesky grievance to be warded off within no time.

And before long, there would be no icicles, no water dripping from the ceilings in one’s home.

Everything that makes so many winters so much annoying has now been cast aside with gusto and rapidity.

The next advantage of the heating cable is its ability to be installed with so much ease that one would be awed by how much effort that has been saved from the grueling process of installing this seemingly complicated and mind boggling heating cable.

Indeed, you could expect the heating cable to be set up in no time, and there would be nothing so much as a challenge, to say the least.

To spice things up, the product is also accompanied by intuitive and easy to follow instructions that aid you greatly, thus making the whole installing process not so much as a plodding as grueling as it is hard, but a walk brisk and without many scruples.

In the end, it would not be a hyperbole to stress how awesome this ease in installing you would inevitably experience.

To top things off, the heating cable is also accompanied by a thermostat that could be of great help. This is because the thermostat could assist the heating cable to adjust the temperature automatically.

Hence, there would be a lot of electricity that could be saved.

In short, instead of gratuitously waste its energy on a warm day, the heating cable now could be reserved for appropriate moments.

This, in turn, helps you to alleviate their spending on electricity, thus saving a whole lot of money in the process.

However, the heating cable is not above reproach in the end. Granted that the heating cable is truly something amazing, you could still find that the product still has something amiss.

The most notable problem with the heating cable is its inability to keep its performance within a predictable framework.

In other words, you could not expect the product that one buy would live up to the high standard that the heating cable has established.

This is quite a shame given how awesome the heating cable has operated thus far.

And so you could be very disappointed by the intermittent and sporadic performance of the heating cable. This is most manifest in the intermittent nature of the heating cable’s temperature.

Although there is a thermostat to adjust the temperature, many would have the feeling that the temperature of the product is somehow too mild to even make a dent in the ice wall that they are having.

Many have complained that the heating cable seems to melt only snow within a radius of one inch, thus rendering the heating cable relatively useless in this case.

All in all, to be fair, the heating cable is still a force to be reckoned with no less, with its awesome capacity and ease in installing, the heating cable could be something more than just another pedestrian product, to say the least.

Pros Cons
_ Easy to install _ Sporadic performance
_ Great functionality  
_ Save a lot of electricity  

Available length (can be chosen from Amazon product page below)

1 30 feet
2 60 feet
3 80 feet
4 100 feet
5 120 feet
6 160 feet
7 200 feet

Heat it HISD Heating Cable with Thermostat – Good in its banal confinement

Our next entry is a product that is banal at its very best. However, you should not take this banality as a kind of liability.

This is simply because the heating cable performs within its limited horizon with gusto and capacity that could not bite more than it could chew off.

In short, the heating cable performs marvelously as one would expect without overreaching itself with aggrandizements that could be the downfall of the product.

As a result, what one has is a product that could not impress, but at the same time, could not disappoint one to the very least.

The heating cable is capable of performing pretty satisfactorily in terms of functionality.

In short, the heating cable could keep itself working with a stable performance that delivers pretty good results. Pesky snow and ice dams would be promptly dispatched within a reasonable amount of time.

The temperature of the product, unlike that of the previous one, is kept at a constant rate that could help the heating cable to maintain a stable performance that is lacking in the previous entry due to its temperature’s sporadic nature.

This would surely of great help for you, to say the least given their need to keep the cable working so that their houses would not be overflown with snow.

Moreover, to spice things up, the heating cable is also able to be assembled without much difficulty.

Indeed, many have claimed that the heating cable could be installed in a fashion relatively easy that you could not believe that so seemingly complicated contraption could be molded into a functioning device within no time.

And to top things off, the heating cable is really competitive when it comes to price. Indeed, you could expect a hefty discount when buying on Amazon.

This is good news at its very best because the buyers could enjoy the heating cable without having to worry too much about the possibility of seeing their pockets evaporate off all of their content.

Such an attractive price is enhanced by the fact that there is a thermostat accompanied the heating cable.

Moreover, like in the previous entry, his device could help to adjust the temperature of the cable, thus saving a whole lot of money on electricity bill.

All in all, despite some remaining problems like the heating cable, fails to heat up sometimes, the product is still something worth your considerations.

Yes, it is not at all impressive, but such thing pales in comparison with the potency of the product, to say the least.

Pros Cons
_ Easy to install _ Some minor problems with its performance
_ Good functionality  
_ Save much electricity  

Available length (can be chosen from Amazon product page below)

1 3 feet
2 6 feet
3 9 feet
4 12 feet
5 15 feet
6 18 feet
7 24 feet
8 30 feet
9 40 feet
10 60 feet
11 80 feet

Should you buy heating cable?

Best Snowman Kits - Buddygenius

In the end, the question is still there should you pay money to buy this line of product, whose function seems to be limited despite its relative usefulness, and the answer would be yes and no.

First and foremost, before you set out to install heating cable you should know that it could only function as a kind of band-aid for your houses.

In other words, this means that you could not expect the heating cable to solve the problem with ice dams overnight magically.

Instead, the product works piecemeal and could only function within a limited range that is bound by the capacity of the heating cables themselves.

Secondly, the heating cable is indeed greedy when it comes to electricity.

You should not be dazed by the product and its ability to gobble and wolf a tremendous amount of power, thus making your bills all the more intimidating than they could be.

Moreover, to make matters worse, the heating cable is not something so prominent that you would take down as soon as possible.

Indeed, there is a high chance that you could leave it there for a long time, thus making you pay even more for what you are no longer need.

Thirdly, the heating cable could not solve the problem of ice dams, totally. In many cases, the ice would just melt and then refreeze in no time.

Thus many of you would be compelled to remove the cables in order to make them function again.

Furthermore, the warrant policy in such cases is abysmal at best. This could further confound the already puzzling problem at hand.

However, the coup de grace is the fact that the heating cable is an ugly sight to behold, to say the least. Indeed, the zig-zag pattern of cords running along your roofs presents something all the more annoying regarding aesthetic.

All in all, you should not consider the heating cable to be a lost cause. This is because the heating cable could still function with relative competence given the right conditions.

Moreover, it would be better to have something that prevents ice dams than having nothing.

As such, it would be wise to ask for professional consultations before deciding to install these cables in order to ensure the best possible outcomes.

How to install heating cable

Step 1: Apply Shingle Clips

Starting from the bottom left or right edge of the surface, use clips to a third or fourth row of shingles eight to twelve inches apart.

Apply additional clips to the bottom edge of the roof.

Step 2: Run the Cables

Install the cables on the ceiling according to zigzag patterns so as to ensure the best coverage.

On the top clips, you can loop the wire through the hook. Then you can tighten it either by pressing on the or by using pliers. On the bottom clips, connect the chord through each side of the spacer, forming a “V” shape.

Step 3: Install Cables in the Gutter

You could install cables in the trench, should you still have some additional wires. This would help you to prevent ice dams in these places

By using additional spacers, or some other type of double-sided hook, you can hang the wire from the lowest ”V” portion of the cabling into the gutter.

Step 4: Plug In

The final step is, of course, plugging in into some outlets in order to make the system run.

You would see the cables heating up, and snow starts to melt if you have installed everything without errors.


It would be better to install these cables before the first snow has the chance to fall on to the ground.

This is simply because the cables could not work properly if the surface that it is installed is too cold to make the heat become of any worth and too stiff and slippery to install the cables.

So it would be best to make the heating cable warm up beforehand to ensure the best possible results.

Final Thoughts

There are, without doubt, more similar products on the market. However, we only present to you the three that we think and consider as most notable of this line of product.

Once again, you should not take this guide to be a directive at all, for the buyers should be the one who has the final say on what would be most appropriate and suitable for their needs.

This is a natural course of action given the different condition in each region. It would be unwise to impose a particular frame of mind onto something so vast and complex as the climate as a result.

Be well-prepared for this winter with our best: