Kiwi or Chinese gooseberry is an edible berry of a woody vine and is oval and the size of a large hen’s egg. It has a dull green and brown skin with a bright green flesh inside that has rows of tiny, black, edible seeds.

As for taste, it has a soft texture and a sweet and unique flavor. However, the main question is, can bearded dragons eat kiwi?

Facts about kiwi and bearded dragon

Kiwi is very rich in vitamin C and K, which is extremely good for immune system of any living creatures. There are a lot of benefits for your bearded dragon if it can eat kiwi. So can bearded dragons eat kiwi?

More than anything else, kiwi contains a very large amount of acid. As a result, beardie would be hard-pressed to consume kiwi. As its digestive system is not built to withstand the corrosive effect of acid, and kiwi is very high in acid.

Moreover, kiwi has a disproportionate ratio of phosphorus and calcium. so it would not be a surprise if your bearded dragon could not properly consume kiwi in large quantity.

Well, in this post, you will find out more about the prospect of eating kiwi for bearded dragon.

Stay tune, because I am going to divulge the ins and outs of this food that would determine whether or not it is fit for your pet’s consumption.

How to feed your bearded dragons with kiwi properly?

As mentioned before, with a high level of acid, it would be wise to feed your bearded dragon with small portions of the fruit at one time to avoid any problem. As such, kiwi could only be a supplementary or even a side dish for your beardie, but nothing more.

And remember, you have to peel off the skin of the fruit before feeding to avoid possible digestive problems.

Conclusion – Can bearded dragons eat kiwi?

All in all, your pet could consume kiwi, though there are a lot of things to remember before deciding to give your bearded dragon this fruit.


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