Grape, the scrumptious fruit that, for thousands of years, has been present in human diet and drinks surely. This would raise some question that do bearded dragons eat grapes?

Facts about grape and bearded dragon

Grape contains a lot of vitamins like vitamin K, C, E and other minerals. More than that, it also contains a lot of other minerals like folate and calcium, albeit on a little.

However, as you can see, although grape is healthy, for bearded dragon, such benefits might be negated by the fact that grape’s phosphorus and calcium ratio is quite high. Thus making it not very conducive for bearded dragon.

More than that, grape also has a high level of acid, thus making the fruit quite hard to consume and digest to bearded dragon.

Well, in this post, you will find out more about the prospect of eating grapefor bearded dragon.

Stay tune, because I am going to divulge the ins and outs of this food that would determine whether or not it is fit for your pet’s consumption.

How to feed your bearded dragon with grape properly?

First of all, it would be very important to remember that as per the nature of beardie’s digestive system. It would be better to chop up grape into small portion in order to avoid choking or other problems.

Secondly, it would be important to remember that grape should on be a side dish, not a main dish. This is because, as mentioned before, grape is highly acidic and as such. It would be better to serve grape as a kind of supplementary source of nutrients.

Thirdly, you should serve grape for bearded dragon with red grape instead of green grape as red grape has a lower level of acid than that of green grape.

Conclusion – Do bearded dragons eat grapes?

All in all, your pet could consume grapes, though there are a lot of things to remember before deciding to give your bearded dragon this fruit.


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