Egg is a familiar kind of food, so familiar that it is hard to imagine human diet without the presence of such worn out face. As a result, it would be natural for you to do bearded dragons eat egg?

Fact about egg and bearded dragon

Egg is very rich regarding nutrients. And when we say rich, we mean that eggs contain vitamin A,B , D, E K, and many other nutrients like folate, calcium, and zinc. Such richness in nutrients means that egg is pretty much a perfect food as it provides something for anything.

As for cholesterol, it would be wise to know that egg contains “healthy” cholesterol that does not raise the level of blood cholesterol.

But you know, bearded dragons have different metabolism than us, human. While those minerals and vitamins are obviously good for any kind of living creatures; the “cholesterol” part is another story.

Well, in this post, you will find out more about the prospect of eating egg for bearded dragon.

Stay tune, because we are going to divulge the ins and outs of this food that would determine whether or not it is fit for your pet’s consumption.

How to feed your bearded dragon with egg properly?

First of all, it would be very important to remember that as per the nature of bearded dragon’s digestive system, it would be better to make hard-boiled eggs and then serve them to beardie. This way, your beardie could sufficiently consume eggs without any digestive problem.

Moreover, eggs should be served only in small portions to facility beardie digestive process. The easier and faster, the better for them.

Conclusion – Do bearded dragons eat egg?

All in all, your pet could consume eggs, boiled egg to be exact, albeit in small amount, chopped pieces.


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