Cheese has been a very common and familiar food for humanity for thousands of years, so, it is natural to ask whether or not cheese could be eaten by bearded dragon as well?

Fact about cheese and bearded dragon

Cheese is a diary product, which has extensive history with human beings for a very long time. There are many many types of cheese on Earth. But in general, cheese has been playing an important role in our diet, both as a dietary staple and a gourmet food.

There are 2 main parts in cheese: fat and protein. But depending on which type of cheese, the ration will differ. Both human and animals, including bearded dragons will benefit from this food.

All in all, it comes as no surprise that the food is very rich in calcium, which could enhance the bone structure of your bearded dragon.

As good as this may sound there is still one question remaining, could cheese prove to be problem-free for your beardie?

Well, the answer is a simple “no.” As you can see, cheese is a diary product that requires a specialized digestive system to consume and absorb without any hassles or dangers. As a result, it would be very unwise to let your bearded dragon eat this food with large portion.

How to feed your bearded dragon with cheese properly?

So in this post, you already know the answer for the question “do bearded dragons eat cheese?” is NO. Your pet simply cannot digest this type of food, and the ammount of calcium in cheese is too high for beared dragon consumption.

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But if you still decide to feed beardie cheese, then you would surely run the risk of making them vulnerable to stomach problems or even kidney failure. As such, it would be very wise to stay away from cheese when decide to feed your bearded dragon.

Conclusion – Do bearded dragons eat cheese?

Instead, if you want to boost the amount of calcium in your pet’s diet, it is better to resort to crickets or other insects to do so. Cheese seems to be “calcium-overloaded” for bearded dragons.

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