Cantaloupe is food that is rich in nutrients as it is rich in its texture and its innards. Nevertheless, such scrumptious food, surprisingly, is not very beneficial for the health of your beloved bearded dragons.

So can bearded dragons have cantaloupe? Let’s find out now.

Facts about cantaloupe and bearded dragon

Cantaloupe is a fruit very rich in water, vitamin C, folate and beta-carotene. These nutrients could be very beneficial since they could prevent cancer or other kinds of disease.

Occasionally eating cantaloupe can help you improve vision and skin health, maintain good immunity, and reducing inflammation. And of course, when you feed your bearded dragon with cantaloupe, it can take those benefits, also.

However beneficial the vegetable is, that is for human consumption, for bearded dragons, cantaloupe is not as quite harmless as it is for human.

In this post, we would explain to you in details whether or not cantaloupe is suitable for your pet, moreover, how to get your bearded dragon to eat cantaloupe properly.


The reason is that cantaloupe, with its disproportionate ration of calcium: phosphorus and highly acidic nature are better to feed to bearded dragons with only a small portion of the fruit to avoid health problems.

This mean you shouln’t let your beardie consume cantaloupe too often, once every 2 weeks is good enough. And every time you feed, don’t forget to chop cantaloupe into smaller pieces to avoid your little pet choking on it.

Conclusion – Can bearded dragons have cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is beneficial for bearded dragons. But don’t let your pet overconsume it. In other words, nibbling a little cantaloupe is fine, but eating more than that, it could be unsafe.


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