Are you wondering if bearded dragons can eat blackberries? Surprisingly, it is food that bearded dragon could eat without fear of poisoning and it is also very healthy for your pet as well.

Facts about blackberry and bearded dragon

Do you know that blackberry is good for the brain? For human beings, we only need to consume 4 cups of blackberry to fullfil our vitamin C daily need, which means this kind of fruit has exceptionally high of antioxidants.

Blackberry has overall good impact on our heath, including heart and blood pressure, bone strength, skin, diabetes management, as well as cancer prevention, and mental health.

For those reasons, blackberry contains a large amount of manganese that is very beneficial to the cerebral functions of bearded dragon. In fact, this nutrient could prevent certain brain conditions that affect a senile bearded dragon.

Besides, blackberry is also very high in vitamin K, which has some good or bad effects on blood system.

Don’t worry when you feed your bearded dragons with blackberry. Just keep reading on. In this post, I would explain to you in details whether or not blackberry is suitable for your pet.

How to feed your bearded dragons with blackberries properly?

Blackberry has a high level of antioxidants. This means that the fruit is very conducive to preventing inflammation in your pet, thus obviating somewhat the concern about inflammation or festering.

If your bearded dragon gets wounded, which sometimes happens when it crawlin’ around, feed him with some blackberries. Bet that it will get recovered very soon!

The only catch with this food is that it should be served with a small portion to avoid the possibility of seeing your pet choking, due to a large piece of blackberry.

Conclusion – Do bearded dragons eat blackberries?

All in all, blackberry is, without doubt, very beneficial and healthy for your bearded dragon. Do bearded dragons eat blackberries? – Yes, they need it! Choke it and feed it right away.

Besides blackberries, your bearded dragons can also eat apples, bananas and even…bell peppers.

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