Apple, arugula, and banana are on the table, so what about bell pepper, Do bearded dragons eat bell peppers – such spicy vegetable at any stretch? Surprising as it may sound, but bearded dragons could eat bell pepper, albeit under some certain conditions.

Facts about bell pepper and bearded dragon

An interesting fact about bell peppers is that they are relatively in the same group to tomato, chili pepper, tomatoes, and breadfruit. We, human, can consume it in raw or cooked form.

92% of bell peppers is water, carbonhydrates, protein and fat make up the rest 8%. One thing that makes bell peppers one of the best veggies is that they has very low calories but incredibly high ammout of vitamin C and other antioxidants like vitamin B6, K1, folate, potassium, etc.

There are several color variations for bell peppers, including green (a little bit bitter) and sweeter ones like yellow, red, and orange. Such combination of nutrients, undoubtedly, would mean that bell pepper is very conducive, as a whole, to a beardie’s health. Take for example, vitamin B6 in bell pepper is important for the formation of blood cells.

But, bearded dragons should only eat bell peppers in green and red. Why? Keep reading on, we would explain to you in details can whether or not bell pepper is suitable for your pet.

You must note that as a spicy vegetable it would be wise to administer a small portion of bell pepper in each serving to avoid unwanted problems concerning digestion.

How to feed your bearded dragons with bell peppers properly?

Specifically, when your dragons eat bell pepper, it must be noted that they should consume mainly green and red bell peppers, not other types, as these two show themselves to be suitable for the metabolism of bearded dragon, as a whole.

And last, but not least, you should not let bell peppers too long out in the open as they are very susceptible to rotting, thus rendering them quite inedible.

Conclusion – Do bearded dragons eat bell peppers?

In conclusion, bell pepper is a quite good source of food for your dragons, nevertheless, there are some precautions that you should take before deciding to feed it to your pet.


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